The Internet Famous Drink You Should Try, Based On Your Sign

Giklive/Instagram; Apothic Wines/Instagram; Hangar 1, Instagram

Chances are if you're a human on the internet, you've seen a lot of coverage on viral drinks. But which one, you lament, should you try? There are so many out there. The stars may have your answer for even this!

It turns out, there are actually certain ones that may tickle your fancy more. I know there's an overwhelming amount of stuff to taste, but you can figure out which viral drink you should try based on your sign.

Many of them have certain temperaments — the more earthy, grounded signs feel most ~practical~ when they're sipping on some wine. Water signs may like their drinks with a little more zest and flavor. Fire signs may want to try something super out there. And air signs are just down for whatever remixes you can put on a classic.

You're in luck, because remember — a lot of these drink inventors all had different signs and elements at work. That means a variety of options to fit your unique tastes based on your astrological chart. I'm not saying you have to be married to these options, but it's a nice place to start — and who's to say you shouldn't try them all, just to be sure? Read on to see which internet famous brew matches your sign.


Beer-wine hybrids exist now, if you've ever been worried that the paradox of choice limits you from thoroughly enjoying any drink you choose. Why not both? If you're all about embracing combinations even your best bartender doesn't usually dole out, you have options for your impulsive, indecisive self. Try Dogfish Head's Midas Touch, or Buzzerkeley, which is a sparkling ale fermented with Champagne yeasts.


Orange wine is perfect for you — earthy, solid and dependable. This wine doesn't use oranges or any of our other citrusy friends. It's really the result of grapes fermenting to the point where their skin turns orange. If there's any concept you understand, it's that all good things come in time... so this wine fits your astrological personality well too.


If you haven't already, you should put this rosé vodka on your radar. Vodka can spice up any party — just like you! But you also know how to coax anyone into absolutely loving you, just like rosé does? You're a dynamic, unpredictable soul, and this drink will definitely keep you on your toes as much as you keep the world on its. It's disarmingly good — but will bring the party. Just like you!


Baileys Strawberries & Cream Liqueur is a drink that would fit a Cancer. Your watery cardinal self is known for sparking joy and showering others with affection. So fittingly, similar feelings might be elicited from consuming this fruity take on traditional Baileys. The sweet, ice creamy taste is perfect for a genuine soul like you. Your presence is soothing on the buds, just like this drink. But like your patience, it's only around for a limited time!


Edible glitter is the most extra trend I've heard of in a while, and if there's anyone that would dare to imbibe it in a glitter beer, it's you, Leo. You can credit places such as Two Birds Brewing in Australia and Bold Missy Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina, for making such a drink possible — but many brewers note that they were inspired by a Three Weavers Brewing Company's IPA called "Mel's Sparkle Pony," according to Munchies. It's also not going to mess up your internal organs, so drink away, proud one!


Courtesy of Dig Inn

Matcha beer pays tribute to the Japanese powdered green tea that makes for a lot of happy humans. It's been around Japan for ages, but is finally coming here to the U.S. — Dig Inn served a version of it on St. Patrick's Day. The powder is used to top off a full glass of straight beer, and there are no artificial food colorings used in the process. In other words, it's fitting for your wellness-conscious self.


Rosé cider is your own daydream, Libra. Angry Orchard's version, composed of six different apples, comes out into a gorgeous pink color that has a bit of a hard edge to its texture. If that isn't you in a nutshell, I don't know what is. Rejoice in this drink's semi-dry taste (much like how many describe your humor) and appreciate that it's not too sweet, but also not too bitter. Perfectly fits your approach to life.


Black wine is perfect for your psychoanalytical, dark self. This wine is actually just very dark red, with grapes indigenous to the country of Georgia or France. Seeing as Georgia is one of the oldest wine-making countries in the world, it's fitting that your new drink of choice fits yourself, who is also considered quite the old soul.


Watermelon Smash is the perfect drink for a savvy Sag such as you. This version of the classic rum remixes your classic love for sangria and the namesake fruit. You deserve a drink that matches your maximally adventurous self. I guarantee this will do the trick.


You're plotting world domination, but need to stay wired and happy while you do it. Enter your newest addiction that combines something better than beer and wine — how about coffee and wine? Apothic Brew is your answer. You'd be a positive sucker for this cold brew red wine, which apparently resembles red wine with rich chocolate overtones, according to Cosmopolitan. Can you say yum?!


Rosé seltzer is probably the answer to all your prayers. This new line by Nauti is here to satiate your indecisive thirst cravings. There's a variety of flavors for you to choose from (we know you Aquariuses love options), like cranberry, lemon lime, blueberry lemonade, all of which are super cute.


A dreamer like you needs a beautifully-tinted drink. So go for blue wine for your viral fix. "Gik Live," a native to Spain, is made of a blend of red and white grapes together and also is said to pair well with many different types of foods. This mirrors how you are able to reflect all the other signs' essences, as you're the oldest type of soul in the zodiac. Want a universally lovable drink, just like you? Go with this one.