8 Times Hermione & Ron's Relationship Was Totally Written In The Tea Leaves

Harry Potter/Warner Bros

For some people love moves a little bit slower than others. Not because it's not there but because like a fine wine, it needs a little bit of time to truly reach its perfect vintage. In terms of the world of fiction and entertainment there are some iconic will-they-won't-they couples that stand out. Niles Crane and Daphne from Frasier. Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl. Maddie and David in Moonlighting. But for Potterheads there's one couple who from the get-go had potential love in their eyes. And there were so many signs Ron & Hermione were meant to be from the very start of the famous books and films.

Not to sound silly and idealistic but isn't the dream situation in life to fall in love with someone you've been friends with for years? Someone you know you can trust with your heart? Who knows you better than anyone and who can cast a spell on you like nobody before? And in this case the spell part is pretty literal.

Hermione and Ron were always meant to fall in love. Maybe it wasn't as obvious as Ginny going around in a perfect shade of puce every time she saw Harry. But guys sometimes the real love and romance is in what's not said as opposed to what's blurted out.


When Hermione Teased Ron For Having Dirt On His Nose

While on their first trip on the Hogwarts Express, before even properly meeting Hermione dissed Ron for having dirt on his nose. Which might seem straight forward but we all know kids can sometimes be bit mean to someone they fancy when you're younger. While I wouldn't recommend it for a healthy adult relationship, kids will be kids.


When Ron Picked On Hermione In First Year

After the famous Wingardium Levios-aaahh scene the teasing tables are turned on Hermione who overhears Ron ripping the P out of her. He takes it a little too far which sends her running off to the bathrooms crying. Bathrooms that unfortunately were a destination of choice for a particularly belligerent troll who promptly began to tear them up with little/no regards for the the fact that there was a child in there. Also, vandalism. Anyhow, Ron and Harry rushed to save her and it was clear that Ron especially felt bad because, you know, love stuff.


When Ron Has The Slug Curse & She Cares For Him

Imagine. Someone you know vomiting slugs for an extended length of time. Would you love and support them? Nope, me neither. That's disgusting.

But maybe if you super duper loved someone you'd take care of them though? Yeah me neither but Hermione did which is why love was seriously in the air. In fairness it was a spell that backfired and he was defending her honour after Malfoy called her a mudblood. Yeah, TBH I still couldn't deal with the slugs.


All That Bickering

From start to finish, this pair had old couple style bickering down to a fine art. Largely it was a lot of chest puffing on Ron's part and a lot of "babe get back in your lane" from Hermione. A perfect example being when they were training in the secret Dumbledore's Army in the room of requirement and practiced duels. Ron said he would go easy on her and guess who totally slayed straight away? Girl power babe.


When Ron Beams After Hermione Hits Malfoy

In The Prisoner Of Azkaban when Buckbeak is due to be executed, things are pretty damn high stress. Especially when the gang clock that Malfoy, whose accusations have led to the execution, is trying to watch it. When Hermione pulls her wand out, Harry and Ron talk her down.

But when she hears Malfoy and his crew laughing she turns around and punches him square in the nose. Which Ron heralds as "brilliant." Brilliant enough to have true love forever, am I right?


When Hermione Is Angry Ron Assumed She Hadn't Been Asked To The Ball

We all know the only thing worse than being ignored by your crush is having them assume that nobody else is keen. Well, Hermione's upset at Ron not only being mean about her Yule Ball date but also not asking her out in the first place was crushing. And the puppy dog eyes between the pair. Too much, babes.


Hermione's Face When Ron Snogged Lavender

Lavender Brown, AKA sex positive icon, was all for Ron. She saw a guy she liked and she went for it. The woman is an idol. Anyhow, when Hermione saw them kissing she actually ran off crying. Which is just about as sure fire a sign as you could ask for.


Ron's Face When Hermione Danced Viktor

Guys he called Viktor Krum a "ruddy pumpkin head." Which in Harry Potter language is some serious shade.


With all these signs and then some, it's clear that it wasn't really a will they won't they situation. It was more of an "oh would you bloody well get on with it you pair of pumpkin heads" situation.