8 Ways The Solar Eclipse Affects Your Job In 2017

It's no Mercury retrograde, but the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is still a big deal in the astrological world. On top of the fact that the moon is obscuring the sun — something that sounds totally terrifying, even if it is harmless — Monday will mark the first total solar eclipse to be visible from the entire continental United States since 1979. However, that eclipse could only be seen from a few states; the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast was in 1918, nearly 100 years ago. I hope you requested the day off, because the Great American Solar Eclipse, as everyone appears to be calling it, is something you'll want to catch.

Naturally, if you're the type to live by your daily horoscope, you already know that anything as significant as the upcoming eclipse will have repercussions down here on Earth. According to Astrology Zone, eclipses are "some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change."

Everyone is always concerned about their romantic lives, but this is bound to affect your career as well. Here are TK ways the Aug. 21 eclipse will influence your job.

Finalizing Big Projects


The last solar eclipse took place in March 2016, and Dr. Athena Perrakis told Refinery 29 that the events set in motion back then are coming to an end now. Any big projects you've been working on over the past year and a half will reach their conclusion around the upcoming eclipse, so get ready to see things through.

Starting New Ones


At the same time as old projects come to an end, you'll be starting new ones. Eclipses tend to be accompanied by the unexpected, though, so don't be surprised if you're tossed into situations and duties you're unfamiliar with. According to Cafe Astrology, Cancer will be especially eager to bring their "recent ideas and endeavors to life."

Women Step Into Leadership Roles


The AstroTwins have noted that during the solar eclipse, the "feminine moon will block out the patriarchal sun." As a result, you may see more women move into leadership roles at work this fall.

Career Perks Will Be Clear


The solar eclipse this month arrives in Leo, a sign associated with power and glamour. Even if your job isn't the ballgowns-and-boardrooms type, the coolest parts of your career will become evident in August.

Coworker Conflict


The AstroTwins write that during the eclipse, "deeply Freudian and buried feels will be on blast." Things that you never realized were a problem — a coworker's irritating way of clicking their pen, your boss's strict deadlines — will come to light in August.

Relationships May Get In The Way


Solar eclipses usher in changes in every aspect of your life, including your personal relationships. Your home life may get complicated in August, and it may start to bleed over into your work life if you allow it.

Opportunities Will Arise


On top of the projects you'll start working on, new opportunities will arise near the eclipse. Whether you interview for a promotion, a raise, or see a job posting at the company you've been eyeing for months, keep an eye out for career openings. Don't forget to update your resume.

Change Of Heart


Eclipses are transitional times. You may find that the aspirations you used to hold so close to your heart no longer appeal to you. If you're no longer happy in your job, you may want to consider switching career paths.