9 'Bachelor' Dates You Could Really Go On

Scott Baxter/ABC

The Bachelor franchise has sent many Bachelors and Bachelorettes on journeys to find true love — which have included many, many extravagant dates. But some of those nights (or days) out can be made into realistic Bachelor dates that you and your sweetie can embark on and not break the bank. Sure, sometimes the show jets off to exotic locales, but there are also plenty of dates that can definitely be recreated without hopping on a plane.

While some Bachelor franchise dates have been far away trips or have famous guest stars (ahem, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Amy Schumer), some of the outings have been regular ol' fun experiences that you and your significant other can have together in various cities in the USA and beyond. Or like on the show, these dates can also be a totally fun first date. And while Bachelor Nation has long wondered why no one eats the food on Bachelor dates, you and your companion can definitely chow down without having to worry about cameras or any drama interrupting your one-of-a-kind experience.

So if you're feeling like going on a journey for true love, here are some Bachelor dates you can really go on just like on the show. Roses and hot tubs optional, of course.

A Dog Festival

On a recent episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay had a fun one-on-one date with Peter and her pup Copper at a dog festival in Palm Springs called Barkfest. While it's unknown if there's a real Barkfest, there are definitely real dog festivals you can attend with your own canine(s).

In Los Angeles, an organization called SoCal Corgi Nation holds Corgi Beach Days throughout the year. Somerville, Mass., holds an annual dog festival. Even Canada has Dog Lover Days events.

The Museum Of Broken Relationships

Nick Viall took his contestants on a group date to this real Los Angeles locale during his season of The Bachelor. Yup, you too can visit the Museum of Broken Relationships and marvel at its many artifacts of love lost, but don't worry — breaking up isn't required.

The Guinness World Records Museum

During Sean Lowe's season, he and Lesley M. broke the world record for longest on-screen kiss on their one-on-one date at this Los Angeles museum. You too can check out the Guinness World Records Museum's collection of the world's greatest feats — and perhaps end it with a super long smooch with your date.

A Hot Tub Store

Remember when Ben Higgins took Caila on a date to a hot tub store with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube? You may not have the cool celeb guest stars, but you can totally find a way to recreate this date by finding your nearest hot tub store and charming a salesperson into letting you take one of the hot tubs for a spin. Warning: May result in a regretful hot tub purchase.

Downtown Portland Food Carts

During Ben Higgins' date with Lauren in her hometown, they ventured to try food from Downtown Portland's famous food carts — and they do exist in real life. According to Travel Portland, the largest collection of food carts in downtown Portland are located at the Alder Street Food Cart Pod.

Sumo Wrestling Tournament

One of Kaitlyn Bristowe's group dates on The Bachelorette had the men suit up in sumo gear and wrestle each other. If you and your love want to duke it sumo-style, you can totally find a local vendor who can equip you with those sumo suits.

And if you just want to watch some sumo wrestling, you can take your date to the annual U.S. Sumo Open tournament.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When Jimmy Kimmel dropped by Chris Soules' season, he had Chris and Kaitlyn go on a one-on-one date...to Costco. Yes, that Costco, where you can buy a package of paper towels that is so big it'll last you the rest of the year. And it's actually a pretty fun date!

You too can go on this date by locating your local Costco, braving the parking lot, and then, well, going there. You and your loved one can frolic among the bulk items, try all the free samples, and pick up some paper towels while you're at it.

A Dairy Farm

Earlier this year, Nick Viall held a Bachelor group date at Knigge Farms in his home state, Wisconsin. And if you love cows and dairy, you can recreate that date by arranging a private tour at your nearest diary farm.

According to their Facebook page, Knigge Farms offers half-hour guided tours of their facility in Omro, which features robotic cow milking and other fun animals. Mayfield Dairy Farms holds tours at their facilities in Athens, Tennessee, and Braselton, Georgia — and you get a yummy scoop of ice cream at the end.

Stand-Up Comedy

During Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, Amy Schumer helped the contestants hone their comedy skills at the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles. But you don't have to be in the City of Angeles to try your hand at stand-up comedy as a fun date — check out when your local comedy clubs have open mic nights or even a class where you can hone your ability to make 'em laugh.

What are you are you waiting for? Start writing up your date card to ask your sweetie out on this fun, realistic Bachelor dates, pronto.