9 Beauty Blogger Makeup Collaborations Launching In 2017 You Need To Know About

In the age of Instagram popularity and YouTube stardom, being internet famous definitely has its perks. Growing social media followings are landing top beauty gurus mega business deals left and right. As some of the most highly anticipated product launches, beauty blogger makeup collaborations are taking the cosmetics industry by storm.

Beauty brands teaming up with outsiders isn't exactly a new thing,. The Insta-celebs filling Pinterest boards and raking in YouTube views have redefined the concept, however. These days, you don't have to be a Mariah Carey or Caitlyn Jenner to have a major makeup collection. Banging Instagram portfolios and collections of highly viewed tutorials have opened doors for the highest paid beauty bloggers, proving celebrities aren't the only ones raising the eyebrows of cosmetics industry execs.

Thanks to the success of current beauty blogger collaborations, there are plenty more killer products expected to enter the market soon. The constant teasing and occasional sneak peaks have beauty lovers going crazy over what's to come. These 9 alliances formed between beauty gurus and makeup industry heavy hitters have birth new collections you surely don't want to miss.

1. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill

The beauty sphere couldn't have asked for a better mashup. News of a Morphe x Jacyln Hill eyeshadow palette nearly worked beauty lovers into a frenzy. The dreamiest shimmery swatches have been revealed, although a full look at the palette has yet to be seen. But you won't have to wait long before this beauty can be all yours. It's set to launch in March 2017, so stay tuned.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero

The glow mama herself teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills to bring highlight addicts another kit stocked with golden goodness. Although there are no sneak peaks of the inside, Anastasia Beverly Hills confirmed via Instagram that the newest glow kit has a March 2017 release date. There's no telling for sure, but the size of the packaging suggests it will include six different highlighters just as the holiday and Moonchild Glow Kits did.

3. Smashbox x Casey Holmes

Speaking of glow, Smashbox's soon-to-be released collaboration was full of glitzy surprises. Partnering with vlogger Casey Holmes, the brand created two new highlighter palettes. Be sure to mark this launch down on your calendar because it'll be here the week of Feb. 20, according to Holmes' Instagram post.

4. Cake Face Beauty x Kim Thai

Faux mink and silk lash retailer Cake Face Beauty tapped blogger Kim Thai for a new project. A set of full, wispy lashes that Thai describes as her dream pair came out of the collaboration. Launching next month, Thai confirmed via Instagram the "Lion Hearted" lashes will have an affordable price point. Plus, proceeds will go towards charity, although the specific foundation hasn't been announced yet.

5. BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel

Back at it again, BH Cosmetics and Carli Bybel have hit the lab to bring consumers another fab palette with prestige quality at a drugstore price. Bybel teased snapchat photos of a white marble packaged palette with rose gold writing in January.

Revealing a single swatch of a pink iridescent highlighter only left beauty addicts wondering if the palette will be a mix of illuminators and shadows like her previous BH Cosmetics collab. There's still some time to wait before anyone will know for sure though, because this piece of rose gold perfection doesn't launch until April 2017.

6. Pur Cosmetics x Muavee

The good news is you can now snag pro makeup artist Melanie Viger's set of "Bombshell" lashes, the guru created with Pur Cosmetics. They're the latest set of falsies the duo have created, but Viger has been rocking these babies on her Instagram for awhile now. Available in the most mesmerizing holographic packaging, you'll want to snatch these pretties up before they're labeled with the dreaded "sold out" tag.

7. Too Faced x Kandee Johnson

There's no official word on what the Too Faced x Kandee Johnson collaboration will include, but here's to hoping if features the most blinding pink packaging à la the beauty guru's tresses. Johnson hinted at a Too Faced collaboration by posting an image of a giant cupcake backdrop from a photoshoot with the brand. Although there are no solid teases of what the future product will be, it'll be worth every single penny if this mega talented makeup maven is involved. Just be sure to follow her social media for updates as this partnership plays out.

8. ColourPop x Alexis Ren

Now that Alexis Ren's collection with ColourPop is recently restocked, you'll want to act fast. The "Topaz" highlighter/contour duo sold out instantly during the initial Feb. 3 launch, so you'll want to be on your game to make these gems members of your beauty stash.

9. MAC x 10 Beauty Influencers

This brand is clearly no stranger to letting big names get in on their action. But MAC's new blogger collaboration will be the ultimate partnership you probably haven't seen before. Joining forces with 10 of the biggest influencers like Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora, MAC is planning to release new lipsticks the gurus will create themselves. Product will begin to launch in April so hang onto the edge of your seats until then. This is one team project that you'll definitely want to see.

Sometimes it just doesn't get any better than your favorite beauty blogger teaming up with a beloved makeup brand. As you await some of these huge product launches, patience will definitely be key.

Image: anastasiabeverlyhills/Instagram