11 Cat Breeds That Can Help Cure Loneliness

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Alone time can be both savored and appreciated. But feeling lonely is like living with an eternal longing. Cats can help soften what feels like complete disconnect, and they can also be stellar companions despite their reputation for being loners. Believe it or not, these independent felines include a number of cat breeds for if you're lonely. Yes, they're not all about themselves. Maybe they're not as excitable as dogs, but they're totally into cuddling too.

Cats care. It's not an overused statement, but they definitely do. If you're having a hard time grappling with loneliness and need something sweet to come home to, there are emotional support cats here to help one pet and bushy, wagging tail at a time.

According to UCLA Health's Animal-Assisted Therapy Research Findings, "Humans interacting with animals have found that petting the animal promoted the release of serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin- all hormones that can play a part in elevating moods." Anxiety is reported to decrease and — the most important part here — loneliness is reduced. Oh, the power of a comforting purr!

Let's be real, many cats just want to be left to their own devices — meaning, napping in the sun. Their collar can be like a round the clock 'do not disturb' sign. So locating the perfect breed — one who likes human interaction just as much as a scratch tower — is an important first step in finding your best furry bud for life.

Persian Cat

Need a cat that welcomes you back home with a soundtrack of purrs and meows? A Persian cat is all about sharing the love. According to Vet Street, this breed as a "calm personality" and scores high on affection level. You can count on snuggles.

American Shorthair

One thing cats have on dogs are their life span. The American Shorthair can live 15 to 20 years. Cat Time refers to the breed as "adaptable" and "good natured." With a "sociable nature" this cat makes a great companion who will enjoy playtime.


Abyssinian cats, like American Shorthairs, are a sociable breed who will be thrilled that you decided to come home from work and let you know it.

Main Coon

Main Coons, with their large and fluffy faces, can cure loneliness with the twitch of a whisker. According to Emotional Pet Support, "they have the ability to develop a good understanding with their owners" and show affection.


If you live alone and need a roommate, look no further than the personable Siamese cat. They may not be able to help with rent, but they can alleviate loneliness. Emotional Pet Support regards the breed as "extremely loyal." They can apparently even be taught how to play fetch, making for an active companion.

Exotic Shorthair

Pet Care Facts assures that this breed "adores human attention," so you shouldn't feel intimidated to give the cat a hug. They're recommended to be therapy pets thanks to their consistent demeanor.

American Bobtail

Need a partner to plop down on the couch next to you? Or occupy the seat next to you at the dining table? An American Bobtail will be your pal. The breed is amongst the most affectionate, according to Emotional Pet Support. But don't expect a conversationalist, these cats aren't very vocal.


This cat may not want to be hugged all the time, but that doesn't mean they're not into human interaction. This independent cat loves play time. If you're one to take long walks and nee a pal, Bengals are the breed for you.


Loneliness is a feeling of yesteryear once a Sphynx moves in. Pet Care Facts says, "because of their low body temperature, they like to be held close, and are known to follow their pet owners as loyally as a dog from room to room." There will never be a lack of love in a household shared with a Sphynx, the cute, hairless breed of the cat world.