9 Bizarre Sex Toys For Couples That Are Super Hot

Oftentimes, sex toys are associated with solo endeavors rather than something you’d share as a couple. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Adding a toy or two into you and your partner's sex life isn't something to shy away from. Sure, some of these bizarre sex toys for couples are a little unusual looking, but you'll get over the weird shape when find out how hot they really are.

Now, do many of these sex toys look like they belong on some kind of alien space ship? Yes. Do they stimulate the bodies of you and your partner creating a sensation that's one of a kind? Also, yes. And whether you've been in a long relationship and you'd like to try something new, or you just feel like experimenting with a new partner, these sex toys will certainly give you a memorable experience.

Some of the toys are designed to stimulate a part of yourself that you might not have explored before, so feel free to experiment with positions until you make the toy work for you — it may take a few tries to get it just right. Thankfully, studying sex toy techniques is usually pretty enjoyable all around. But be thorough! Remember, practice makes perfect and you'll be perfectly happy to practice all night long.


The Vibrating Ring For Everybody's Pleasure

In the picture it looks a bit like a pool toy, but in the bedroom, it's a delight. Made of super stretchy silicone, these rings will fit any penis size, and the vibrator is strong enough to stimulate a clitoris and give both partners some fun at the same time. Also, you can wear it on your finger to add extra stimulation to any part of the body you choose.


A Vibrator That Bends Every Which Way

Everybody is shaped differently, inside and out, and this flexible vibrator totally recognizes that. This is especially good if you're new to the sex toy game, since the vibrator can be bent into any shape and you and your partner can experiment with all sorts of innovative vibrating configurations. It has six settings, is wireless, and rechargeable via USB, so there won't be any dead battery disappointments in the middle of using it.


A Toy To Hit That G-Spot Every Time

Even for the most adventurous couples, the G-spot can be elusive. Luckily, this vibrator is made specifically for doing the job. The thin shape with a curved top is designed to stimulate anyone with a G-spot. It's fully waterproof and works with water based and silicone lubricants. Give it a try, and it might become a bedroom necessity.


A Toy With Two Sides Of Fun

Why settle for a toy that only vibrates at one end? This one vibrates on both sides, so you can easily spread the vibrating joy between you and your partner. It's fully waterproof and one end bends to fit the contours of your body. Also, it's advertised as a "massager," so feel free to use this on any "sore muscles" you and your partner may have. Or, just use it for sex and have great orgasms.


A Hands-Free Vibrator For Anal Play

With this toy, you can have a little anal fun while keeping your hands free for extra pleasure. This anal vibrator is USB chargeable and remote controlled, so you could give your partner a little zing from another room if you really felt like it. It's a great massager for prostates, but it works great for those who don't have one, too.


A Dual Dildo With An Elegant Silver Look

It's not often that a double sided dildo has "elegance" in the name, but this toy deserves it. Made of stainless steel, this dildo will give you and your partner a very different sensation than your average silicone toy. One side is smooth and the other grooved, so you may want to call dibs on which side you want before you and your partner begin. Plus, you can put it under hot or cold water for some temperature play that will keep things interesting.


A Vibrator That Hits All Your Spots At Once

This isn't a toy lobster claw, it's actually a vibrator designed to stimulate you from every angle. It can trigger a G-spot and a clitoris at the same time with no hands required, or you can just use it externally. It has five speeds to mix things up and the remote works from a good range so your partner can switch it on and surprise you from across the room.


A Little Toy Especially Designed For The Clitoris

If you've tried vibrators and found they were too intense or irritated you, this gentle sculpted clitoral vibe might be a good option. It's made of soft silicone and designed specifically to give your clit a good time. Adding this to sex with your partner adds some extra stimulation without being too hard on your very sensitive parts. It's got 10 vibrating modes and an app that will make this toy a bit more interactive.


The Toy That Gives You Magic Fingers

This toy kind of looks like the finger things Tom Cruise wears to control his computer in Minority Report, so if that turns you on, feel free to keep that image in mind. But this futuristic looking device gives each finger strong vibrating power. You can use it internally or externally anywhere on the body. It's all waterproof, so feel free to use it for a little shower time fun with your partner.

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