9 Black Friday Date Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Shopping

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While the focus of the holidays tends to be on shopping, wrapping, and more shopping, it's crucial to remember that the season is actually about spending time with the people you love. Though normally that means your family, there's no reason that the holidays can't also be a good time for dating — you just need some great date ideas that fit in with the holiday season.

"For any couple, setting aside time that's dedicated to them is critical for the relationship," clinical psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow, host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, tells Bustle. That's especially true during busy and stressful times — like the holidays. Whether you've been together a long time or you're still getting to know each other, it's important to make time to see each other — if possible — during the holiday season. So if you want to escape the stress and consumerism of Black Friday, there are plenty of ways to spend the day that have nothing to do with shopping. In fact, there can be something lovely about spending quality time with someone you care about while everyone else is busy hunting for deals.

So here are some Black Friday date ideas that have nothing to do with shopping — because there's so much else you can do with the day.

Volunteer Together
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It can feel so good to give back. Though a lot of people volunteer on Thanksgiving, it's important to remember that shelters and charities can use your help year round — so consider offering up your time on Black Friday.

Go To A Movie
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Though it can feel like everything shuts down over the holidays, movie theaters are pretty reliably open — and a great way to really escape from the holiday stress.

Workout Together
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If you want to get some endorphins flowing and get some time for just you and your partner, think about heading for a workout class or just a jog around the block.

Head For A Stroll

If exercising isn't your style — or you're still too full from Thanksgiving to think about bouncing up and down — a nice winter walk can be incredibly romantic. Just make sure to bring a carrot in case there are any snowman-making opportunities.

Go Out For Some Wintery Drinks
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If you want to warm up, finding a cozy bar is a great way to get some time just the two of you — bonus points if there's a roaring fire nearby.

Go Ice Skating

A recurring favorite among holiday date ideas, ice skating can be incredibly romantic. Even if you don't normally have an ice rink in your area, make sure to check and see if there are any holiday pop-ups around.

Head Out Glamping
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If the weather holds out, you can use Black Friday to start off a camping weekend — or a glamping weekend, if the idea of roughing it is just too much to bear.

Have A TV Marathon
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Sometimes, it's just too cold (or too snowy) to venture outside. That's OK — cuddle up with same blankets and cocoa and have a TV marathon. There are always some so-bad-they're-good holiday movies on offer.

Go For A Spa Day
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If you feel like you really need some R&R, then a spa day or a massage can definitely hit the spot. If it seems like the spas nearby are closed, check out local hotels — they often cater to guests and the public, even over the holidays.

Black Friday may normally be about shopping and getting ready for the holidays, but you can also take the day as a time to bond with your partner or get to know the person you're dating. Plus, with everyone distracted by shopping, it can feel like your own little world out there.