Books To Inspire A Year-Long Change For The Better

by Zoraida Córdova

How are those New Year resolutions working out halfway through January? Statistics show that even though 72.6% of the population maintains their resolution through the first week of the new year, the numbers continue to drop as time goes by. What happens after January has come and gone?

A number of things go into losing steam. There's not always enough time in the day, or financial troubles arise, or sometimes you just stop believing that you can do it. Shape Magazine named "going at it alone" as the number one reason why a large part of the populations doesn't stick to their resolutions. Perhaps it's time to text a friend for support. According to NBC News, one of the most googled resolutions was "Live life to the fullest." So, where do you start? If resolutions aren't your thing, that's okay, too.

If you're serious about maintaining your plan, or if you've already called it quits, it isn't too late to keep going. The truth is, you don't need to wait for January 1st to set a self-improvement goal. Every day is a new day, and a perfect time to get started. Here is a list of books to help keep you motivated throughout the year.


Cook For Yourself

Chrissy Teigen's first cookbook is a collection of her favorite recipes which include some of her Thai roots and her husband's fried chicken recipe.

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Travel Abroad On A Budget

Start browsing airlines for flights down south. Way down south. This is the most updated guide to South America, including full color pages, 170 plus maps, and covers the continent's wildly different countries. Start in Rio de Janeiro and end up at Machu Picchu.

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Long-Distance-Hike Dreaming

Even Lorelai Gilmore was inspired by Cheryl Strayed's Wild. Actual planning for the PCT is intense and the more you know, the better. But in the mean time, read Carrot Quinn's most recent experience on the trail to inspire your own.

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Identify Toxic Relationships

Sometimes the thing that's holding you back is a someone. This might help you recognize who that could be. Along the lines of Martha Stout's The Sociopath Next Door.

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Art is therapeutic. Reading is therapeutic. Now you can combine them both.

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Be A Better Feminist

Forty four authors including Roxane Gay, Wendy Davis, and Mindy Kaling add their voices to intersectional feminism.

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Be Inspired By Feminists

The first book by Ruth Bade Ginsburg since becoming Supreme Court Justice. AKA The Notorious RBG. Read about her impact on our law and women's rights.

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Be An Adult... Ish

This is the time of our quarter-life crisis. Assuming that we live to 100. A funny guide on your second coming-of-age.

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Life Your Best Life

It sounds a little hokey. But the mind that gave us Grey's Anatomy and How to get Away With Murder also gives us a new way to approach situations.

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