9 Bouquets You Can Buy For You — Or Your Partner — To Celebrate Spring


What says “spring time” better than a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers? Regardless of the climate in your part of the country, it feels good to celebrate the official start of spring. Luckily, these days you can get a beautiful, ethically grown bouquet delivered straight to your door (or the door of your favorite person) even if the crocuses haven’t even pushed through the soil in your yard yet.

The way I was raised, it would have been a sin to buy from anyone but a local florist supplying local flowers. That’s because the flower industry has traditionally been, well, not so great — not great on the environment or to workers, particularly in South and Central America, where a lot of our flowers are sourced from. But these days there are some amazing florist startups that are transparent about where they get their flowers and deliver throughout the U.S. for totally reasonable prices. Some of those companies — like Farmgirl Flowers and The Bouqs Company, which is my personal favorite — also offer subscription services, so you can set up regular deliveries or schedule bouquets for birthdays. Others — like BloomThat — offer cute little gifts that you can send along with the bouquet, depending on the occasion.

But the occasion today is to simply celebrate spring! So with that in mind, here are nine bouquets you can buy for yourself — or for your boo — to say hello to springtime.

1. For The Original

The Bouqs

The Porcupine, $66, The Bouqs Company

Thinking roses are hella boring? The Porcupine from The Bouqs Company is perfect for those who march to their own beat.

2. For The Sweetheart


The Bright Light, $78, Bloom That

The Bright Light from BloomThat comes with a lavender candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio. It's a perfect gift for any romantic.

3. For The Outgoing Type

Farmgirl Flowers

Like 'Em Bouquet, $70, Farmgirl Flowers

The exuberance of the Like 'em bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers practically yells "Happy spring!"

4. For The One You Can't Stay Away From

The Bouqs

Magnetic, $40-$70, The Bouqs Company

The Bouqs Company named this bouquet "Magnetic" because you just can't look away! The combination of bright, bursting sunflowers and dainty roses in this bouquet is irresistible.

5. For The Birthday Person


HBD Bundle, $98, Bloom That

The HBD Bundle from BloomThat comes with a birthday bar and candle, so your favorite birthday person can celebrate with a beautiful bouquet and something sweet.

6. For The Bohemian

The Bouqs

Spring Style, $60-$90, The Bouqs Company

The colors of the Spring Style bouquet from The Bouqs Company are just so now, aren't they? Grab it for you or favorite bohemian babe.

7. For The Patriot

Farmgirl Flowers

Grown in the USA Bouquet, $75, Farmgirl Flowers

Do you and your bae love the good old USA? Or at least think it's important to support American farmers? Well then, the Grown in the USA Bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers is the perfect choice!

8. For The One Who Knows Roses Won't Cut It

Ladybug, $40-$70, The Bouqs Company

Red roses? Please! So cliche. Grab this Ladybug bouquet from The Bouqs Company for a unique take on the classic, which uses ranunculus blooms instead!

9. For The Classic

The Bouqs

Poetic, $40-$70, The Bouqs Company

The Poetic bouquet from The Bouqs Company is a sweet, lovely gift for anyone who likes the classic things in life.

Happy spring!