9 Clothing Items Inspired By Your Childhood

by Alexa Tucker

For most of us, there is no shortage of trends to cringe at from our earlier years — particularly if you spent at least part of your school years in the good old '90s. From the late '80s to the early 2000s, we all bore witness to fashion moments that were both questionable and rampant, both on the red carpet and IRL. Most of 'em we've been happy to leave behind, but some childhood trends can have a pretty stylish second life.

Granted, there are many trends that probably do not need a resurgence for anything beyond nostalgia's sake (see: peasant shirts, tube tops, jelly shoes, denim miniskirts with black leggings, those one-size-fits-all popcorn shirts, etc.), but some of the quintessential cool-girl ensembles around these days actually give a nod to the trends of yesterday, in both subtle and forward ways.

While some 2.0 trends are pretty different from their original form (crushed velvet now versus crushed velvet then are worlds apart), others are perfect just the way they are. Hey, overalls and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

Here are nine trendy pieces inspired by your childhood to rock now, even when you're ~all grown up.~ (Not included: Tamagotchi pet, AIM account, Shell Silverstein books, et. al.)

1. Corduroy

BDG Sybale Corduroy Mini Skirt, $30, Urban Outfitters

Miniskirts, cropped skinnies, and even dresses make corduroy even better the second time around.

2. White Sneakers

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker, $65, DSW

Sneaks like Adidas Stan Smiths, classic Reeboks, simple Keds, and these immaculate Supergas have made a major comeback.

3. Joggers And Track Pants

Adidas Originals 'Supergirl' Track Pants, $60, Nordstrom

Just about anyone who played a team sport growing up had a trusty pair of warm-up joggers. Comfy then, comfy and cool now.

4. Crushed Velvet

Pure Love Navy Blue Velvet Top, $26, Lulu's

In smaller doses, crushed velvet can be seriously chic. Style a tank with a leather jacket, or finish an outfit with a crushed velvet block heel.

Missguided Crushed Velvet Wrap Around Heeled Sandal, $36, ASOS

5. Mood Jewelry

Classic Mood Ring, $160, Olivia Kane

Those chunky mood ring bands have nothing on this dainty piece of hand candy.

6. Overalls

Denim Bib Overalls, $40, H&M

Overalls are quite possibly the most underrated trend of the '90s, so it's about time the world recognized their seriously comfortable worth.

7. Printed Socks

Palm Beach Sock, $12, Happy Socks

Girls and guys have fallen back in love with fun socks — just one more way to express yourself through ~fashun~. (Bonus points if they have ruffles).

8. Skorts

AQUA Faux Wrap Skort, $68, Bloomingdales

Business in the front, party in the back. The new generation of skorts are decidedly chic — and they eliminate the risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

9. Vertical Striped Pants

Striped Palazzo Pants, $20, Forever 21

Those flares with vertical stripes got an ultra-stylish upgrade when palazzo pants hit the mainstream. (One caveat: no need to tie a necktie or a scarf around your hips à la 2002.)