Your Favorite '90s Style Trend Says This About You

by Melodi Erdogan

After several years of sneaking their way onto the fashion scene, it's officially official: '90s fashion trends are back. And since the time when these clothes and accessories were a brand new trend is in the not-so-distant past, your favorite '90s fashion trend can certainly say a lot about you. From the feisty choker-wearer to the quirky and cool jelly shoe rocker, these retro(ish) pieces can reveal a little something about our personalities.

As a millennial, these fashion trends are ones I grew up with. They are very near and dear to my heart. I have fond memories of tying a shirt around my waist, and I loved my tattoo choker so much the only reason I ever took it off was because my mom threatened to cut it off my neck herself if I didn't. The type of nostalgic piece you choose to wear in 2016 says a lot about who you were in the '90s, as well as who you've become two decades later. If you thought your mom jeans weren't giving away your peppy attitude, then think again!

Ahead you'll find exactly what your favorite '90s fashion trend says about you. Because you'd be surprised how accurately the decades trends describe the person wearing them. I see you, you grunge-loving, quirky flannel-wearer you!

1. Jelly Shoes

Vintage 90s Clear Platform Jelly Sandals Chunky T Strap Heels Jellie Shoes, $40, Etsy

The best way to describe you is quirky. You're a spunky, fun-loving person with countless idiosyncrasies and tastes all your own. While most people would call them outdated, you love jelly shoes because they're fun and totally unique. Not even the intense jelly shoe break-in process can steer you away from the candy-colored kicks. They're basically you in shoe form!

2. Flannels

You're an old soul who enjoys warm cups of tea, staying in, and worn-in, second-hand flannels over crisp, brand-new shirts. Even if there are holes it in, and even if it's way oversized, you love the way your flannel feels when you curl up with a good book or when you're baking cookies for your loved ones. Flannel is your security blanket, making you feel safe and comfortable even when your friends do drag you out for a night on the town.

3. Chain Wallets

You are a very loyal person. And because the chain wallet has never failed you, it's become your life-long accessory partner. Securely fastened to your pants at all time, the chain wallet is just as devoted to you as you are to it. Making sure your essential items are always by your side, the chain wallet describes your trustworthiness and ardent nature, proving you're a great friend and a hard worker.

4. Crop Tops


If crop tops are your favorite fashion trend from the '90s, it's because you're a very driven, motivated person. You're known for your flawless resume, and you're heavily connected in your field because of your outgoing, charming personality. With the brains to back up your captivating personality, crop tops allow you to open up to people without making anyone uncomfortable. Plus, they work with everything in your wardrobe, from your pencil skirts and blazers to your favorite skinny jeans.

5. Chokers

HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

If there's one word that describes you, it's feisty. For the most part, you're quiet. But when someone asks your opinion, you're totally honest, up-front, and absolutely unapologetic. You say what you mean and you mean what you say, and the tight chokers around your neck not only show off your trendy style, but also perfectly exemplify your fiery and spunky personality.

6. Mom Jeans

Tom Wargacki/WireImage/Getty Images

You're a glass half full kinda person, and can find the positive in even the most negative situations. You enjoy the basic, retro shape of mom jeans, and they match your printed button-downs perfectly. Your love of fun, unique vintage clothes juxtaposed with your always peppy attitude combine to make you look happy and make others feel happy. The strangers you smile at in public appreciate your kindness and sweet demeanor.

7. Overalls

April Fool's is your favorite holiday, because you're a plain ole' jokester. Plus, your knock knock jokes hit it out of the park. You can appreciate that the popular 90s trend of overalls because they're sleek, unfussy, and allow you to focus on getting that water balloon placed just right. Made you look!

8. Birkenstocks

Vintage Birkenstock Leather Sandals 90s Minimalist, $48, Etsy

You may live in the city, but you're a nature lover at heart. The open, airy, and comfortable fit of Birkenstocks are a comfortable feeling that remind you of your true loves: clean air, open fields, and escaping everyday life to appreciate the beautiful world around us. You don't hate your life in the city, but you're always looking forward to your appointment with the outdoors, when you can slide on your Birkenstocks and take in mother nature.

9. Shirt Tied Around The Waist

Social butterfly should be your middle name because you're always out and about at the hippest places with the coolest people. Your love of tying shirts around your waist totally captures your extroverted, fun, and exciting character. Even though you might not need the shirt, its extra weight and cool look give you the comfort you need to be yourself even in the most awkward social situations. Yes, you ran into your ex, but guess what: you and your shirt around your waist slayed!

10. Mood Ring

90's Mood Rings- Vintage 90's Fashion Ring, $2.50, Etsy

If the color-changing mood rings of the '90s were your favorite trend of the decade, then it's because you are, well, moody. Your family and friends can never guess how you'll react to things, and you're crying one minute and laughing the next. But it's your sensitive, emotional nature that makes mood rings perfect for you, always helping you decipher how you're feeling.

11. Logo T-Shirts

You wear your heart on your sleeve, just like you wear your favorite brand on your T-shirt. Although you would deny it, you fall in love with every other person you see. But you're also great at giving romantic advice since you're deeply sympathetic, open-hearted, and can find any reason to love someone. You're not afraid to show who you love, or what brands you adore with classic '90s logo T-shirts.

12. Slap Bracelets

Vintage 90's Pastel Grunge Fluff Slap Bracelet, $3, Etsy

You're not afraid to say what everyone is thinking, even if it's inappropriate; you're always the one to lighten to the mood with a perfect "that's what she said" joke. Your senior superlative in grade school was probably class clown. The fun, colorful patterns along with the striking snap of the '90s slap bracelet capture your essence: a humorous, light-hearted demeanor that can turn any disagreement into a giggling session.

13. Bandanas

If bandanas are the name of the '90s fashion trends game for you, it's because you're a right-brain, creative type. Math and science have never been your strong suit, but you could talk about music, art, and culture all day long. Your love of '90s bandanas perfectly portrays your ability to play close attention to details. After all, you basically live by the fact that a small bandana accessory can complete any outfit.

14. Spaghetti Strap Dress


Ahh, the spaghetti strap dress. If you're one of many who adores this '90s style, you're very mysterious and alluring. While slip dresses don't exactly leave much to the imagination, it's your sexy idiosyncrasies and smart, quippy replies to any question that will have your suitor's minds going back and forth. You're absolutely stunning, effortlessly confident, and very, very confusing. But, of course, that adds to your charm.

15. Combat Boots


If a difficult situation arises, you're the first person to take on responsibility. And you're not one back out if things get tough and/or dirty. You know that if you work hard for something, you can achieve anything. With tough, sturdy, and long-lasting combat boots on your feet, you can focus on the bigger picture of your work and personal projects, like planting a garden or DIYing furniture, instead of small details.

16. Track Suits

You're at the gym more than you're at home. Which is precisely why track suits, the perfect outfit set that falls in between real clothes and sleek athletic gear, define you. Your motivation to work out, along with your appreciation for chic, yet practical, athleisure clothing, explains your intense work ethic and hardcore determination. You have posted more #gymselfies in stylish track suits than you can count!

17. Fanny Packs

If you're fond of the slightly embarrassing yet thoroughly amusing fanny packs of the '90s, then you're the epitome of friendly. Whether you're chatting up your local barista, or turning strangers into friends within minutes while waiting in line, there's not a person you've met that you couldn't be friends with. The fun, hands-free fanny packs reflect your open, outgoing personality. And, since they're so '90s, also make for a perfect conversation starter with even the most unsuspecting people.

I told you; it's crazy how much your love of 90s trends like combat boots and logo T-shirts can say about you. Clearly, '90s trends aren't just infectiously trendy, they're also alarmingly revealing.