9 Clues About ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 That You May Have Missed In The Trailer

Beth Dubber/Netflix

On Monday, April 30, Netflix dropped the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 trailer and it continues to reinforce the twisty notion that nothing is truly as it seems. Supplemented by the daunting message, "The truth is developing," the clues in the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 trailer give a first look at the continuation of Hannah's (Katherine Langford) story.

The video is a mind-blowing display of the contrast between what we see on the surface and the real truth. While screenshots of characters like Clay (Dylan Minnette), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Tony (Christian Navarro), and Bryce (Justin Prentice) come to the screen, photos scroll over them to show audiences what's really going on in the moment. It's unclear what's happening and why and if all photos take place after Hannah's death.

According to Netflix's press release, Season 2 premieres May 18 and will pick up in the aftermath of Hannah's death by showing the impact it had on the characters as well as their journeys to recovery. Beyond the each of their individual struggles in grappling with her suicide and the events that led to it, the high school will go on trial. Meanwhile, a new mystery is introduced as someone is relentlessly trying to keep the truth hidden while threatening polaroids cause Clay and the kids to uncover a secret and the conspiracy to cover it up.

The jam-packed trailer provides some hints about what's to come, but will mostly leave fans scratching their heads with countless burning questions.

1. Polaroid Photos

In Season 1, Hannah used old-school tape recordings behind to leave her 13 reasons behind. In Season 2, it seems like tapes are being replaced by daunting polaroid photos. In the end of the trailer, Clay picks up a photo of Hannah (above) and on the back the following is written in marker: "The tapes were just the beginning." Who's behind the photos? Is it Hannah? Why do they have the same nostalgic element that tapes did? And what secret are they being used to cover up?

2. Threatening Notes

In the trailer, both Jessica and Clay are seen with threatening notes that read, "Keep your f*cking mouth shut "You talk you pay," respectively. Who's threatening them? And why do they want to keep details concealed?

3. Court

In Clay's room, a summons to appear notice is seen on his bed. As revealed by Netflix, Liberty High is preparing to go on trial. Is Hannah's family moving forward with legal action? Who's being asked to appear in court and what will unfold there?

4. Hannah's Family

A peek into the state of Hannah's family leaves so many questions behind for fans to discuss. While Hannah's mom puts together a board, presumably to attempt figuring out the events that led Hannah to suicide, her dad is absent. Meanwhile, "Go away!" "Get out," and "Bye bye" are spray-painted on For Sale signs. Did Hannah's parents move? Are they being shunned?

5. Tony

A scene that first looks like Tony simply getting out of his car with Ryan in the passenger's seat (have they started a romance?) is quickly turned into a nightmare. Continuous snapshots show Tony with a horrible black eye, holding a small pack of what looks like cocaine, and a smashed up side of his car. The whole time, he's holding tightly onto one of Hannah's tapes. What the hell has he gotten into that's caused him this damage? And why?

6. Jessica

At first, it looks like a happy Jessica is innocently taking a selfie in her bedroom. Then, flashes of photos show the word "liar" spray-painted on her window, a tear streaming down her face, and a shot of her clenching her jacket in the front to cover herself up. Has Jessica come forward with her story to the public? If so, why is she paying for it this way?

7. Bryce

A brief snippet shows Bryce pouring a drink at a party with a girl sitting next to him. And while it looks like they're alone at first, it seems there are actually other people around them. Further, the girl, who's conscious at first, is later shown passed out next to Bryce, whose facial expression changes in a chilling fashion. Who is this young woman and what is her connection to Bryce?

8. Mr. Porter

In the trailer, the guidance counselor is shown dealing with repercussions like a broken, shattered office window, "Know your place" spray-painted on his wall, a snapshot if him holding his head with a look of despair, and another of him pulling out Bryce's file. How much did he know? How will he become involved with the unraveling story?

9. Missing Cast Members

The short trailer, packed with snippets of hints and photos, focuses on Clay, Mrs. Baker, Tony, Bryce, Jessica, and Mr. Porter. It looks like there are brief snapshots of Ryan (Tommy Dorfman), Zach (Ross Butler), Sheri (Ajiona Alexus), and Marcus (Steven Silver) as well. But where are main characters Alex (Miles Heizer), Tyler (Devin Druid) and Justin (Brandon Flynn)? This is super suspicious, especially after the Season 1 cliffhanger dealing with Alex and Tyler. And perhaps the biggest question of all: Where is Hannah?

Unpacking the Season 2 trailer is filled with a handful of baffling mysteries in itself. In just a few weeks, hopefully some of those questions will start getting addressed and more truths about Liberty High will be revealed.