9 Grooming Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You're Making In The Shower

Contrary to every 90's beauty magazine you've ever read, the most common shower mistakes have nothing to do with how you smell or the length of your body hair. Those things aren't mistakes — they're choices, and they're yours to make. The actual mistakes are things that have the potential to impact your safety.

Your skin is your largest organ. Yes, it keeps things out, but it can also be pretty sensitive, too. When you step in the shower, you do so with the intention of cleaning your body, but new research suggests that this moist, dark environment might be one of the most bacteria- and fungi-ridden places in your whole house. The last thing you want is for your skin to be vulnerable to those things.

The human body is pretty good at protecting itself, but if you make these common shower mistakes, you leave it even more susceptible to the harsh environment in your shower. Shaving improperly can lead to cuts and ingrown hairs. Leaving your razor just anywhere can turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria, and exfoliating too harshly can severely irritate acne-prone skin. Check out more mistakes you might not realize you're making , as well as what you can do about them, right here.


Shaving First Without Prepping The Skin Against Razor Burn

WIZKER Brush, $10, Amazon

Exfoliation is key when avoiding ingrown hairs, razor burn, and razor bumps. The WIZKER Brush is a quick and convenient way to get rid of dead skin that clogs pores after shaving. The bristles are soft and durable to treat razor burn before it happens, and the brush itself is light, waterproof, and hygienic.


Dry Shaving When You’re In A Rush

Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream, $7, Amazon

It might be tempting to run the razor over your legs dry, but every time I've tried, I could immediately feel the tender skin and irritation. Cremo shaving cream is foam-free and super moisturizing for a quick shave. It becomes extremely slick with water, but because it's easy to rinse off and leaves no residue, you'll be out the door in no time.


Shaving With A Dull, Rusty Razor

Razor Blade Sharpener, $15, Amazon

Saving with a dull razor leaves your skin more susceptible to infection, razor bumps, and cuts. That being said, new razors are expensive. This razor blade sharpener takes any kind of disposable razor and sharpens it so it shaves like new. "The razor saver basically gave me an extra 2+ months on my razor blade," says one reviewer.


Not Exfoliating The Hard-To-Reach Parts Of Your Body

Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah, $14, Amazon

Since you back is hard to reach, it's understandable that it doesn't get cleaned as often as your face. But, just like your face, when your pores on your back get clogged you can break out. Exfoliation can help with that. Voda Reve loofah has an innovative design with two handles to easily exfoliate and clean hard-to-reach places. Either side has a different texture, it's got a pocket for your soap, and reviewers say it's very easy to maintain.


Using The Wrong Brush On Wet Hair

Wet Brush, $16 (Set of 2), Amazon

It's probably not news that you shouldn't brush soaking wet hair — wet hair is weaker and more prone to breakage — but there are methods that can cause significantly less damage. The Wet Brush is one such way, its thin flexible bristles and floating cushion are specially designed to glide effortlessly through wet hair, minimizing breakage.


Not Moisturizing You're Skin While It's Wet

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, $25, Amazon

If you tend to find body oil, heavy or greasy, it might be because you are applying it wrong. The best way to apply oil and lock in moisture is when your skin is still wet. This L'Occitane almond shower oil gently cleanses and softens skin. Reviewers say it's safe on sensitive skin, and even though you rinse it off, it still leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.


Leaving Your Razor On The Shower Ledge

mDesign Aluminum Bathroom Shower Hook, $8, Amazon

If your razor blade is sitting a puddle of water on the ledge of your bathtub its prone to rust, germs, and bacteria — which leaves your skin vulnerable to infections. Enter: The mDesign aluminum shower hook. It has a super strong adhesive and four hooks to hold your razors, loofahs, or washcloths. Best of all, it's made from rust-free aluminum, so your things can dry the hygienic way.


Over-Exfoliating Acne-Prone Skin

Asutra Exfoliating Body Scrub, $22, Amazon

If you choose to exfoliate, it's important to do it gently, as to avoid causing damage to the skin. Experts even say that scrubbing too hard might actually worsen acne and breakouts. This Asutra body scrub uses gentle dead sea salts to buff away dead skin and natural oils to moisturize and nourish. It's blended with antibacterial essential oils and skips the synthetic fragrances, colors, or harmful chemicals.


Washing Your Hair Every Day With Oil-Stripping Shampoos

Mother Dirt Sulfate Free Shampoo, $20, Amazon

Experts say that shampooing your hair every day strips it of natural oils and moisture. Mother Dirt, on the other hand, is specifically designed to clean your hair while preserving oils, healthy bacteria, and hydration. It returns good probiotics to your scalp, helping it to balance itself so that you actually have to wash your hair less often.

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