If Cream Egg Scotch Eggs Sound Horrendous To You Please Listen Up

by Aoife Hanna

Annual events often warrant special meals, treats, and celebrations. Halloween has its candies, Christmas has selection boxes, but Easter's main squeeze is the Cadbury's Creme Egg. Let's be real, apart from the very fact that Yuletide pressures are finished, the best thing about galloping into the New Year is these little nuggets of joy and here's some scrumptious Creme Egg recipes to liven up your Easter spread.

The delicious balance of sweet, smooth fondant and perfectly dense chocolate has a special place in people's hearts and is the reason why the Creme Egg has long been a champion of the Easter period.

The humble Creme Egg has become the poster boy of Cadbury's annual Easter campaign since its launch in 1971. As a matter of fact, the confectioners report that over 200 million of them are consumed every year.

Ever the curious cook, below I've chosen some very obviously tasty recipes alongside some slightly left-of-field options to really push your culinary boundaries. The fact of the matter is you have only a short while left in Creme Egg season 2020 and, real talk, you have a lot of extra time on your hands to get making all of these yummy treats, so why the hell not?


Creme Egg Mug Cake

If you're as passionate about lazy eating as me, this one is absolutely for you. Eaten best fresh out of the microwave in front of the telly in your PJs. This recipe from Culinary Producer Grant Melton of the Rachel Ray Show takes only one minute to make and you'll be scoffing sweet goodness in no time at all.


Gluten Free Creme Egg Cheesecake

Creme Eggs are mercifully gluten free so an ideal addition to any sweet treats for gluten intolerant individuals.

This recipe from Becky Excell is utterly flawless and to make matters even more appealing no baking is involved. So it's easy as pie, or should I say cheesecake?


Creme Egg Scotch Egg

Scotch eggs are one of the greatest gifts that the UK has ever given to the world. So obviously a sweet version from Olive magazine is going to be a winner.

Sub the sausage meat for chocolate brownies and hen's egg for a Creme Egg and...OK I'll stop there I just drooled on my keyboard.


Creme Egg Tray Bake


Tray bakes are ideal if you have a bunch of people to feed, handy for freezing into individual pieces to be enjoyed over a longer period, or smashing to pieces in a day or so during your solo isolation.

Cadbury's recipe for this tray bake is simple, has few dishes involved, and is of course tasty AF.


Creme Egg Brownies

OK put a fork in me, I'm done. This simply delicious combination of chewy gooey brownie and creme egg will satiate even the neediest of sweet tooths.

There's many recipes out there but me personal fave is this one by Bintu of Recipes From A Pantry.


Creme Egg Cake

It's Easter and maybe you want a showstopper and something that will make all of Instagram fall at your feet. If that's the case, say no more, this gorgeous cake is the one for you.

Yes it's a little on the time consuming side but the result is worth every single second. Check out this treat from Olivia of Liv For Cake and hang a fang on some gloriously moist and OTT luxurious cake.


Creme Egg Toastie


What? Yes, two perfect comfort foods came together and believe it or not, their baby is delicious.

I know you've got a toastie maker you've been glancing at menacingly these past few weeks and it's time to drag that thing out from wherever it's hidden.

This recipe from Cadbury's takes no time at all, needs only three and leaves you with a fairly stunning hot chocolatey pocket. Served best with an enormous mug of tea and plenty of napkins to wipe your chocolatey chops.


Creme Egg Pop Tarts

Remember Pop Tarts? Well guess what, they're delicious. Messing with an icon is always risky business but if you're going to make your own — make it a flipping Creme Egg one yeah?

Emily of Layers Of Happiness came through with this lovely twist on a legend and in fairness to her, it's stunning.


Creme Egg Easter Nests

Another showstopper that's a bit on the posh side, this dish combines mango, mint, meringue, lashings of cream, and of course Creme Eggs.

Easy enough to put together, this recipe is an elegant treat from the Cadbury's website.