9 DIY Projects To Do When You're Sad And Need A Pick Me Up


When you're feeling sad it can be tempting to crawl into bed and wallow in your feelings. You feel worn down and distraught, so why do anything else? While this outlook is tempting, and there can be benefits to wallowing, it's also important to take action to cope with your emotions. So what should you do when you're feeling down? One idea that could give you a pick me up is completing a DIY project.

Whether you are dealing with bouts of sadness or trying to manage your depression, DIY projects can be a great coping mechanism. As a form of art therapy, they allow for real decompression from how you're feeling.

"I find interacting with crafts or other forms of art therapy completely cathartic," Elyse Fox, a mental health activist, tells Bustle. "Art therapy provides an outlet for expression that you may not have been able to put into words. When I'm feeling sad I like to edit personal photos and include quotes, colors, and graphics that uplift me." Being present in the moment and connecting to what you're doing are so important when coping.

"When you are creating, your depression becomes temporarily suspended because you’re enhancing your dopamine levels (your body’s natural anti-depressant)," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist and author of relationship blog, You're Just A Dumbass, tells Bustle. "The act of creating not only provides this neurochemical benefit it also improves self-efficacy, self-confidence, and self-esteem. In a sense, your finished product and process mirrored your transformation to a non-depressed version of you."

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Here are some awesome DIY projects to try out the next time you're feeling down.

1. Jazz Up Your Pants With These Tassels


I am obsessed with these tassel add-ons. They give the perfect pop of color and will sway as you walk. Create your new party pants and take yourself out for a good time. All it requires is a quick hand stitch and some string.

See the full tutorial at Studio DIY.

2. Brighten Your Room With Flowers

Vitamini Handmade

These magnolia blossoms look challenging, but the step-by-step process is actually quite simple. With a little paint, some scissors and a few branches you can create an everlasting display of flowers that are sure to add cheer wherever you put them.

See the full tutorial at Vitamini Handmade.

3. Pump Up Your Kicks


Did you buy a few too many white sneakers while they were trending last year? Have fun with one of the pairs and add some color to it. The result will be totally unique and super cool.

See the full tutorial at Studio DIY.

4. Spread The Love Around

Now Thats Pretty

The hardest part here will be deciding what shape you want. Personally I like the hearts, but the possibilities are really endless. Once you choose, you'll create the stickers and place them wherever you wish. It's a great way to add a burst of fun to your decor.

See the full tutorial at Now That's Pretty.

5. Put Some Fresh Paint Up


Been staring at the same walls for years? It's time for a change. This DIY ombrè walls project is very simple and a great way to relax. Plus, the calming colors are sure to give you a boost.

See the full tutorial at Studio DIY.

6. Make Your Own Dance Party

A Beautiful Mess

This project is a little more involved, but the result is so worth it. Made of a disco ball and metallic foil adhesive vinyl, this disco ball is amazing. Hang it up and dance it out whenever you're feeling down.

See the full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

7. Enjoy Ice Cream In The Bath (Kind of)

Girl Loves Glam

While making a bath bomb may seem like something reserved for the experts, the process is actually not that bad. Like in baking, you combine your ingredients and then shape them. Plus, once you're done, you're rewarded with a beautiful and relaxing bath — just what you need.

See the full tutorial at Girl Loves Glam.

8. Create A Great Pop Of Color


Each plate only takes 10 minutes to make and is such a fun way to brighten your day. Whether you use them for dessert or a meal, these plates will become your go to option.

See the full tutorial at Studio DIY.

9. Cheer Yourself On


These pom-pom balls are easy to assemble, a unique decoration to have and a reminder to always cheer yourself on when you're feeling down. Mix and match colors and sizes to make this great wall hang.

See the full tutorial at Sugar And Cloth.

Finding different mechanisms that help bring you up when you're feeling down is incredibly important. Discovering what works for you can be life- changing. If you're up to it, give one of these DIY projects a go and see how you feel. No matter what, you'll at least get something pretty out of it.