9 Dog Breeds To Adopt If You Want A Lap Dog

by Megan Grant

Dogs bring so much laughter, happiness, and bad breath to their owners' lives. It’s no wonder we're obsessed with our pets and carry them around in purses and stuff. (That would be me.) If you're considering opening your heart and your home to a new furry pal but don't know where to start, I've rounded up nine breeds that are considered "lap dogs" — and one of them might just be perfect for you.

To be clear, the best dog companion for you depends on your character and lifestyle habits. For instance, outdoorsy types who love spending the weekend hiking may be more inclined to adopting bigger, more active dogs who can accompany them on their adventures.

People who prefer to stay at home during their days off, on the other hand, might connect better with small lap dogs. Lap dogs will listen to all your troubles, let you feed them snacks, and help you pick out something to watch on Netflix.

Of course, all dogs are 100% perfect in their own way, and choosing just one is difficult — nay, impossible. If you think a smaller, more cuddly dog might be up your alley, though, consider these nine breeds that have the perfect size and temperament.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gentle and affectionate, the cavalier King Charles spaniel makes a wonderful companion for people who love to cuddle. The American Kennel Club says they end up anywhere from 13 to 18 pounds, most of which is probably fur anyway.

Plus, while they're mainly lap dogs, they're not opposed to a little horsing around or playing in the backyard. They're the best of both worlds.



According to PetMaltese, these pups don't typically get any bigger than seven pounds. The good-natured and absolutely lovable Maltese is another excellent breed of lap dogs. They’re especially great companions for people who suffer from allergies, as they shed very little hair.



Havanese pups are affectionate and relatively easy to care for — music to everyone's ears. With soft coats and small bodies, these little bundles of joy will not only keep your lap warm but also give you a whole lot of puppy loving.

Cuddly, cute, and endearing, you’ll enjoy spending time with them and dressing them up in ridiculous clothes. That is most definitely what I would do, if I had one of them.


Shih Tzu

Another breed that's perfectly content chilling in your lap is the shih tzu. A great companion for kids and people who have allergies, these little balls of happiness grow to be anywhere from about nine to 16 pounds, according to Hill's, making them excellent lap dogs.


French Bulldog

Although bigger than most lap dog breeds, the French bulldog (or Frenchie) has a mild and affectionate nature that makes it a good companion for almost anyone.

This lovable baby won't mind whether you live in an apartment or own a house with a wide lawn. As long as you shower them with love and tennis balls, they’ll certainly return the affection.


Italian Greyhound

If you like staying active on some days and spending time as a couch potato on others, the Italian greyhound might be the right dog breed for you.

The American Kennel Club says they weigh between seven to 14 pounds. IGs are excellent righthand dogs for your outdoor pursuits and great lap dogs when you feel like idling around. And can we talk about that face? Just look at that face.



Calm and loyal, the Pekingese is another great breed of lap dogs. These beautiful little creatures are small in size and enjoy cuddling with their favorite human. Plus, as Dogtime says, they can adapt well to most surroundings, they're smart and easy to train, and they don't need a ton of exercise. Win.



With their loving nature and irresistible crinkles and wrinkles, pugs make will make your life better in about 100 different ways. These little cuties only need moderate exercise, so they’ll be happy enough to stay in your apartment and snooze in your lap while you watch TV or read.


Boston Terrier

Tiny and ready to cuddle, these doggos are devoted to their humans. Their size and personality make them excellent lap dogs and loving companions. Smart and lively, they'll steal your heart and never give it back, but I promise you won't mind.