9 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults That Are Genuinely Fun

Steffi Loos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're going to have an Easter party, you have to orchestrate an egg hunt because it just wouldn't be thematically just if you didn't. No matter what age you are, you can still enjoy an egg hunt, and from personal experience I can tell you that depending on what kind of hunt you're on, it can be way more fun than anything you did as a kid. To prove it, I've pulled together some ideas for Easter egg hunt for adults that are certifiably more fun than the hunts you went on when you were younger.

Adults often get snubbed at holiday parties because they're meant to be entertained by food and drink and conversation alone. But (particularly with family) a little bit of organized activity can actually be a lifesaver. Pushing the adults to inch away from the kitchen and interact with each other in a lighthearted way can be a great prompt for some serious memory making.

These egg hunts are not your average childish games, they come with stakes and complicated objectives to ensure that the adults at your party are not only participating, but totally engaged. Worst case scenario, some people get prizes, best case scenario, everyone has fun and some people still get prizes. As you can see, this scenario is really an all around win, so plan an epic Easter egg hunt and your friends will thank you later.

Big Winner Easter Egg Hunt

Instead of toys or candies, fill the eggs with dollar bills and lottery scratch off tickets. That will surely get your participants going on the hunt and in the competitive spirit.

White Elephant Egg Hunt

Have each adult bring a different inexpensive gag gift to the party and have them wrap it in newspaper and mark it with a number so that each gift looks similar but can be identified. Have each person place the number the put on the gift on a piece of paper and slip that paper into an egg. Have each person hide their own egg so they don't find their own egg, and then let the hunt begin. When you get an egg, open it, and then get the gift that has the corresponding number.

Witty Treasure Hunt

Instead of spending money on a bunch of little prizes, buy one prize and hide clues in the eggs that will help your players guess what the prize is. The more eggs they collect, the more hints they'll get and the more likely they'll be to guess the grand prize. Whoever guesses first, wins.

The Most Daring Egg Hunt Ever

Literally, fill most of your eggs with dares and only a few with "truth" options. Try to keep it light hearted and not too complicated so this stays fun and not stressful. For example, "I dare you to do an interpretive dance to the song of the group's choosing," is fun and funny and entertaining for all.

Beauty Egg Hunt

If your party guests are into make up and beauty, fill your eggs with sample size products and so that everyone is a winner and has a party favor to take home.

Drink Ticket Egg Hunt

In every egg but one, hide a slip of paper that says "one drink". In one egg, hide a slip of paper that says "bartender". Whoever gets the bartender egg has to make drinks for everyone who found a drink ticket egg.

Cerebral Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just arbitrarily scattering the eggs, create a fun yet complicated scavenger hunt to get your players deeply engaged. Just make sure the prize is desirable, because after all of that hard work, your guests are going to want a big reward.

Charade Hunt

This is a double whammy idea. Not only do your guests get to partake in an Easter egg hunt, but they also get to charade prompt when they find an egg, so you have two games lined up.

Boozy Egg Hunt

If your party guests are all over the age of 21, fill some of the eggs with Jell-O shots for a very fun and celebratory Easter party. To make things even more interesting, fill some eggs with plain Jell-O and let your guests guess what they have.