Foods That Can Help Get Rid Of Your Body's Toxins In The Morning

by Isadora Baum, CHC

Right upon waking up, you might be thinking coffee, donuts, and more coffee. Yet, you can totally amp up your morning energy by eating different foods that flush out your body's toxins really early in the A.M. Plus, it feels good to know that you're heading out to work with a quick, helpful detox. With higher energy levels, focus, and other great benefits, those morning staples could really make a difference to the rest of the day.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling their best selves, and often it's hard to feel great upon just getting out of bed (bad breath, stink, barely open eyes, and all). Yet, sometimes a morning elixir or snack can do just the trick: revitalizing the system and replenishing lost energy from sleeping still in bed for hours. While choosing something bread-based and sweet might sound tempting, it won't give you any love. Instead, grabbing a powerful, delicious morning beverage or snack that can fuel your body and mind the right way and get rid of any toxins from the night before can do wonders for the day ahead. Here are 9 foods that will give your whole body a detox first thing in the morning, so you'll feel awesome for the next couple of hours.

1. Broccoli

Not really a fan favorite in the morning, but broccoli can be a major detox food upon waking up, as it'll flush toxins from the body and reset energy levels, explains Ashley Koff, RD to Bustle. "Broccoli's glucoraphanin is what your detox system needs to flush toxins," Koff explains. Try adding to a smoothie with fruit to mask it, or a veggie egg creation.

2. Grains

"The body then uses the water and the magnesium from whole grains to eliminate toxins," explains Koff, so adding grains to a smoothie, like oats or quinoa, for instance, can get rid of gunky toxins when getting your morning started. Koff recommends hemp hearts or Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise Cereal.

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3. Water

Though not a food, there's so much reason to drink fresh, hydrating water upon waking up to remove toxins. "One of the best things you can do for yourself in the morning, is to drink 8-10oz of water. This will hydrate your cells after your 7-8 hours of slumber, aid in flushing toxins from your body as well as boost metabolism," explains Sarah Asay, RD at bistroMD to Bustle.

4. Green Tea

Researchers at the University of Maryland claimed that green tea has been proven to get rid of toxins in the system and to reset the body and mind to have better energy, health, and functionality. It also decreases inflammation and has antioxidants benefits to improve digestion, heart health, and aging effects. Have a green tea latte instead of coffee, or have some green tea with lemon in the morning.

5. Ginger

According to Dr. Oz on his website, ginger is a powerful healer in removing toxins from the body, and it's easy to get it in first thing. You can add ginger to tea, smoothies, or even oatmeal. Or, you can get ginger flavored coconut chips to toss on a yogurt.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut chips, butter, or oil can do wonders for detoxing the body (and even the skin). Add some coconut oil to your morning coffee, or spread some coconut butter on toast. You can also use coconut oil for cooking leaner proteins for breakfast, like eggs or turkey bacon (yum).

7. Organic Apples

Not only are apples loaded with fiber, but they're also helpful in getting rid of toxins when purchased organic., as they're free of pesticides and other chemicals that can lead to higher intake of toxins in the body. If apples aren't your favorite, you can swap for other fibrous fruits and veggies, like kiwi (skin on), Brussels sprouts, pears, or berries.

8. Cranberry Juice

According to Ann Louise Gittleman, over interview with Livestrong, drinking cranberry juice first thing in the morning can help flush out toxins, as it's a known diuretic that can cleanse the liver. What's more, it also fights free radical damage and improves skin care.

9. Artichokes

A known prebiotic, eating artichokes in the morning can help feed probiotics and improve digestive health, as well as detoxification of the liver, explained Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D., a senior dietician at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City to Women's Health. Getting probiotics is also beneficial in the morning, so Greek yogurt is also a really good food option, London said.

Try adding these foods and drinks to your morning routine and see if you notice a difference. You may start to feel totally awesome.