9 Memes About Brothers For National Sibling Day That Just GET You

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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You officially can't pick on your brother on Apr. 10 — that's because it's National Sibling Day! However, you can post hilarious brother memes for National Sibling Day, because if you didn't write the joke, it doesn't technically count as picking on your brother. Whether you and your brother are best friends, mortal enemies, or totally out of touch, the holiday is a great excuse to share some kind words and remind him that you love him. It's also a great excuse to post and enjoy some super #relatable sibling content on the internet, because no one understands sibling rivalry like the internet.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I've searched the internet for some of the best brother-themed memes. Whether your brother is your favorite person in the world, the person who drives you totally crazy, or the weirdest person you know, you'll find something in this round up that relates to your sibling situation. And while a social media post or meme share is a totally acceptable way to celebrate the holiday, you should also try to find some time to actually pick up the phone and call your brother, because that's what it's all about. National Sibling Day is about dedicating a day to showing love and appreciation for your siblings, so have a laugh, but also reach out and be a good sister.

Nope, Don't See It

I mean, we're literally wired to find our siblings unattractive, so when your friends say things like that, you actually cannot see what they're seeing.

It's Almost A Hug

When your brother puts you in a headlock but leaves just enough room for you to breathe, it's basically a hug! Whatever, you take what you can get.

So True


When you look back at all of your baby pictures and realize your older brother was bullying you before you even knew he was. Like, what gives?!

Tire Him Out

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Back when you were stronger than your brother and you just let him kick and punch until he tires himself out...

Stop Copying Me!

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They say copying is a form of flattery, but it never really feels that way when you have a sibling, does it?

Invalid Password

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Do you remember spending hours trying to hack your brother's passwords? Oh, no, me neither... I totally respected his privacy.

Yeah, Good Luck

You pretty much had a zero percent chance of getting your brother to turn over the controller. It didn't matter what mom said — it was "his" game.

Every. Time.

OK, honestly I'm really guilty of this. Sorry brother! Survival of the fittest?!

Varisty Track

You can really learn about how fast you are by timing how quickly you sprint back to your room after you almost get caught in your brother's room. Even if you weren't doing anything, the sight of you in his room would be enough to make him livid.