9 Game Changing Beauty Products From 2016

When my mom/grandmother/older sister tells me stories of the beauty routine they endured in their younger years, I am usually horrified. Sleeping with soup cans on your head so you could wake up with curls?! Straightening your hair with an actual iron?! It's honestly more than I can handle. As millennials, we've been blessed with some of the best beauty technology ever, especially in the past year. Say what you will about 2016, but we've been seriously #blessed with game-changing beauty products.

Technology in the beauty industry changing so quickly that these days, we’re arguably spoiled with almost too many options. Just think about how many choices you have for a hair brush, let alone a blowdryer/straightener/curling iron. It’s as exciting as it is overwhelming. We barely have to leave our houses anymore to get access to some of the best treatments in the world (remember when the thought of an at home facial was terrifying?) because every product we could ever need is available at the drugstore, Sephora, or, worst case scenario, on the Internet.

As amazing as beauty tech has been in the last year, these nine products have seriously changed the game. There are still a few days left to ask for them for Christmas, FYI.

1. At Home Dermaplaner

Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device, $189, Dermaflash

Until this year, "dermaplaning" was something you could only do at the experienced hands of a dermatologist. Thanks to Dermaflash, though, you can now do it in the privacy of your own bathroom. The device, which is basically a souped-up facial razor (but better), exfoliates your skin while also getting rid of all of the hair on your face. The best two-for-one deal ever, or what?

2. Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, $400, Dyson

Is it the most expensive hairdryer ever? Probably, yes. But let me tell you from personal experience — it is worth it. It makes your hair super-smooth, super fast, and is designed to minimize damage. Raise your hand if you wish you asked for this for Christmas, too.

3. Tria Laser Hair Remover

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X, $387, Triabeauty

At home laser hair removal has always kind of seemed a little too good to be true... Until now. The Tria is the first and only FDA-cleared hair removal laser available for home use, and it uses the same technology that dermatologists office use. I'm still waiting for mine in the mail, and have literally never been so excited for a product ever.

4. Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, $35, Neutrogena

Not only will this hi-tech mask clear up your acne with a light, it will make you feel like Darth Vader while you're doing it. It has no chemicals or UV lights, and uses inflammation-calming red lights and bacteria-reducing blue lights to clear your skin.

5. Glossier Everything

Haloscope Highlighter, $22, Glossier

We can't talk "game changers" without mentioning Glossier... the affordable, direct-to-consumer brand totally disrupting the beauty industry as we know it. Everything about the company — from the products to the branding to the founder herself — is just so good. It's no wonder we are all totally, unabashedly obsessed.

6. Silisponge

Silisponge, $10, Molly Cosmetics Shop

A makeup applicator that promises never to waste any of our makeup ever again?! My only qustion is... What took so long?

7. Function Of Beauty Shampoo And Conditioner

Function of Beauty, $32, Function Of Beauty

This brand new haircare company lets you design your own shampoo and conditioner, complete with choosing your own name, scent and color. Never again will you stand in the middle of a drugstore aisle wondering "What was the name of that $5 conditioner Khloé loved?"

8. Dirty Lemon Skin And Hair Beverage

Dirty Lemon, $65/Case, Dirty Lemon

Drinking your way to better skin and hair? As of 2016, it's officially possible thanks to Dirty Lemon's "Skin and Hair" drink, which utilizes collagen peptides to increase skin elasticity and hair health. Basically, it will make you glow from the inside out in the best way possible (not in a scary chemical way, don't worry).

9. Pat McGrath Labs Lust004

For anyone who's Twitter bio once read "Glitter Enthusiast" like mine used to, this product was a dream come true. It made wearing glitter lipstick to work/school/family dinner totally acceptable, which was basically the best thing ever to happen to glitzy girls everywhere. It's sold out everywhere (#RIP #SMH #WAHHHH) but I have faith that it's impact on the prevalence of glitter in everyday life will last forever.