These Gifts Made Out Of Books Will Make Every Reader Hit "Add To Cart" Immediately

By Kerri Jarema

If you are a true book-lover, you've made sure that your book collection stands center stage in your literary home decor in one way or another. Maybe you have huge bookcases that feature every single book you own. Maybe you display lots of bookish swag all around your home, from figurines to mugs. Maybe you like to wear your love for books on your sleeve, or your chest, arms, or ears with bookish t-shirts, dresses or jewelry. But you might not have given much thought to actually wearing, using or decorating with items made from books. Maybe the idea of doing anything with a book besides read it makes you cringe, but if you go in with an open mind you might find that these upcycled bookish items are some of the coolest ways to celebrate your love of reading.

The items below were all made using actual books from the pages to the covers, and whether you need something to wear, something to write with, or just something to add to your bookshelves or office for the all important bookish decor purposes, you're guaranteed something unique, well-crafted and undeniably cool. It's time to take your book love to the next level.

A Ring With A Quote From Your Favorite Book

These rings are made from book pages and feature adorable quotes (the one above, from Northanger Abbey, reads: "Oh! I am delighted with the book!" which #relatable) or couple pairings in heart shapes. (Yes, there is an Elizabeth and Darcy one, never fear.)

Jane Austen Northanger Abbey Ring, $22.00, AuthoredAdornments on Etsy

A Book Wreath To Welcome People To Your Home

For a wreath you can keep on display all year long, this gorgeous rose and pearl display is made from book pages. You can even find specific series wreaths like Harry Potter or a World Atlas for the explorer in you.

Rolled Book Page Rose Wreath, $33.00, ThelvyVineGGC on Etsy

A Bookish Quote Printed On A Book Dictionary Page

Take your bookish prints to the next level with these super cool ones painted on to dictionary pages. Their are quotes and images from a wide variety of books to choose from including Anne of Green Gables, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

Anne of Green Gables Quote Print, $10.00, OldStyleDesign on Etsy

A Book Cover Clutch To Carry All Of Your Essentials

We all need a purse, so why not make it a book purse? These gorgeous clutches are all handmade from book covers with useful compartments for bank notes and cards and a zippered section for coins. They're all lined with the fabric of your choice, for the rare book clutch that is as functional and sturdy as it is aesthetically pleasing.

To Kill A Mockingbird Clutch Purse, $70.61, BagsyMeFirst on Etsy

A Piece Of Folded Book Art So You Can Proudly Display Your Favorite Reads

These folded pieces of book art will be the focal point of any book lovers room. This one is made from a Harry Potter book and displays the HP logo, but there are countless editions all over the internet for your favorite book or display. You can even find significantly cheaper (i.e. around $4 a pop) tutorials if you wanted to try to book folding art for yourself at home.

Harry Potter Folded Book Art, $75.00, BooksByBrittney on Etsy

A Headband Made Of Comic Book Pages To Combine Your Love Of Fashion and Fandom

Comic books can inspire just as much devotion in book-lovers as novels, so if you're looking to spruce up a simple summer ponytail or messy bun, you're going to love this rosette comb made right from the pages of your favorites. You can even request the comic you'd like it to be made from, from Wonder Woman to Batman.

Comic Book Hair Comb, $18.00, glamMKE on Etsy

Write Your TBR In Notebooks Made From Childhood Book Covers

Bring your childhood favorites back to life by using them for all your very important adult needs from shopping lists to TBRs, appointments to great ideas. You can find these notebooks in Nancy Drew, Dr. Seuss, Amelia Bedelia and more fun varieties.

Nancy Drew Journal, $13.97, TweetCraftsShop on Etsy

Pencils Wrapped With Book Pages To Inspire Your Own Writing

We all need to write, why not write with some bookish pencils? These from The Baby-Sitters Club are full of nostalgic fun, but you can find others from more modern favorites, too, including The Fault In Our Stars, Game of Thrones and more.

The Baby-Sitters Club Wrapped Pencil Set, $10.00, bouncingballcreation on Etsy

A Bookmark Made Of A Book Page To Hold Your Place

Why use a boring old bookmark when you can use one that is made from a page our of one of your all-time favorites. This Harry Potter themed one uses the famous stars and the Deathly Hallows shape for a magical placeholder you'll want to use for many years, and many reads, to come.

Harry Potter Star Bookmark, $10.00, gabigabiheyshop on Etsy