9 Lingering Conspiracy Theories About The Kardashian Christmas Card

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The disappointment was palpable on Christmas Day when fans weren't gifted with a Kardashian Christmas card confirming Kylie Jenner's pregnancy. It was a conspiracy theory that carried a lot of momentum during December, and as such there are a lot of lingering conspiracy theories about the Kardashian Christmas card that remain — even though Christmas is over.

It's interesting to note that, while Kylie is missing from the Kardashian Christmas card, she isn't the only family member who is; both Rob Kardashian and Caitlin Jenner are conspicuously absent from the holiday greeting, too. Regardless, there aren't many theories as to why any other family member is missing from the card, and, to be fair, Rob has been absent from the annual festive card in the past. There are, however, many involving Kylie, her rumored pregnancy, and why such a major player within the family wasn't featured.

We all thought we were so smart in the lead up to the card's release, as we speculated wildly about how Kylie's baby bump would be the festive centerpiece of the card. But, now, we know better. Not only was Kylie not on the card, but her rumored pregnancy wasn't confirmed either. And people had some very strong theories upon why that may have been the case, ranging from the believable to ludicrous.


The Kardashian Card Will Extend To A New Years Greeting

Considering that your average Christmas card will usually include some sort of sentiment referencing best wishes for the new year, this theory feels believable. It would also be a classic sneaky Kardashian move: making fans getting all hyped up for nothing before dropping highly anticipated news at an unexpected time.


The Day 24 Card Could Still Be Involved

As you may recall, there was a great Kardashian card conspiracy theory revolving around the family members in the above card who were looking excitedly to the left of the frame. Though many fans believed that the day 25 card was to reveal Kylie with her pregnancy bump to the left of the frame, it's still possible that this could be the image waiting for us on New Years Eve, or New Years Day, instead.


Kylie Has Made Her Own Holiday Greeting

While the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card will always be a beloved tradition, it would make sense for Kylie to start her own in the form of a New Year greeting. And what better year to start that tradition than with the highly anticipated official announcement of her first child.


Kylie Wants A New Year Pregnancy Announcement

Though there might not be a card involved with this one, it makes sense that Kylie would want to control her own narrative with this rumored pregnancy.


The Kardashian Christmas Card Will Extend To Three King's Day

As theorized by Betches, the Kardashians may have been holding back on Kylie's announcement because they were planning something bigger for Three King's Day. Celebrated on Jan. 6, the day celebrates the three wise men's visit to baby Jesus and remembers his baptism. The Christian celebration is a traditional one within Latin communities, which the website does point out doesn't exactly makes sense for the Kardashian-Jenners. There is an interesting potential significance for the three wise men, however...


The Final Card Could Be Wise Men Themed

If we consider for a second that Day 25 card wasn't the final one, then this theory could hold up. With Kim, Khloe, and potentially Kylie all expecting children in 2018, then this card could celebrate this idea by showing the three siblings lined up like the three wise men.


Kylie Is Kim's Surrogate

And then there's the theory that Kylie is the surrogate of Kim and Kanye West's baby. It's a wild one, but not impossible. Probably.


Khloe Kardashian Is Pretending To Be Pregnant For Kylie

This one is a little nuts, but it would also explain why Khloe is on the card (not looking pregnant) and why Kylie (who may look very pregnant) isn't.


There's A Bombshell Card Still Waiting In The Wings

Though this one was theorized for the Day 25 card, it's also easy to adapt it to a potential New Years card. Just imagine how explosive it would be for a combination of Kardashian-Jenner rumors to be addressed on the one card. Pretty dynamite, and a great way to start off the new year.

If some of these conspiracy theories are to be believed, then it looks as though Kylie, and the Kardashian-Jenner family, may have one last surprise announcement waiting for us. Or, at the very least, another major disappointment.