Why Hasn't Kylie Jenner Confirmed Her Pregnancy Yet? Here Are All The Craziest Theories

by Sydney Bucksbaum
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashian family gave us all the gift of major anxiety on Christmas this year (so thanks a lot for that!). After 24 days of Kim Kardashian revealing different 2017 Kardashian Christmas card photos on social media featuring every member of the extended clan except for Kylie Jenner, rumors and theories started floating around that on the 25th day, aka Christmas, the long-awaited photo would reveal Kylie's rumored pregnancy. It made sense: the 24th photo featured most of the family looking at the same spot off-camera, and many fans predicted it was Kylie showing off her rumored baby bump, which would then be featured as a big grand reveal in the final card the next day on Christmas.

But as the sun rose and then set on the east coast and then the west coast without the final photo dropping, fans started going nuts. Why hasn't the photo posted? Why was Kylie not included on any of the previous cards? And why hasn't she confirmed her long-rumored pregnancy?! Then Kim finally posted the Day 25 photo to her social media channels, and our confusion only grew. Instead of a grand finale announcing Kylie's pregnancy, all we got was another Gap ad with the Kardashian ladies and the kids minus Kylie sitting next to a Christmas tree in their matching jeans/white shirts. Talk about a real letdown.

What is Kylie waiting for to confirm what we already know? We've got so many questions that they are practically our presents from the Kardashians at this point. Again, thank you so much, ladies. All we wanted for Christmas is some answers!

Of course, Kylie's absence wasn't the only drama surrounding the annual Christmas card. The Day 24 edition sparked a lot of speculation that Kendall Jenner was actually photoshopped in and wasn't photographed with the rest of her family. The Day 25 photo only added fuel to that fire as Kendall was seated away from the rest of the people in the photo. Twitter was immediately on the case, but although Bustle reached out to a rep for the Kardashian family who represents Kendall and Kim, we have not yet received a response.

After a full day spent refreshing all of Kim's social media accounts (no, we don't have a problem, you have a problem, shut up), our brain started conjuring up all sorts of theories as to why Kylie hasn't confirmed rumors of her pregnancy yet and why she wasn't included in the family's traditional cards this year.

She's not actually pregnant

Okay, hear us out on this one before you laugh. Maybe all these rumors are just that: rumors. No one has been able to get a clear photo of any baby bump yet thanks to Kylie wearing super baggy clothes all of a sudden. And while that is suspicious enough for the girl who previously wore skin tight clothes all of the time, maybe she's just been leaning in to the whole athleisure trend in a big way instead of hiding her stomach. Crazier things have happened. Rumors aren't always true!

She's waiting until the baby comes for an even bigger reveal

Pregnancy announcements have been done so many times before. Plus, her sister Khloe just did one of her own earlier this week. Kylie could be starting her own trend by waiting until she gives birth for one mega announcement that no one would see coming. It would take a serious commitment to pull that off, but it's possible.

She's waiting to announce so she doesn't steal her sister's thunder

Because Khloe just announced her own pregnancy, maybe Kylie is being a really good sister and letting Khloe bask in the excitement without getting upstaged? That would be really sweet of her.

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She wanted to kick off 2018 with a bang

Pregnancy announcements are so 2017, right? Maybe not for Kylie. What if she's starting her 2018 with the best news ever? And instead of ending the garbage fire of a year that 2017 was with her pregnancy announcement, maybe she wanted to wait until it ended to start the new year on the right foot. We could all use some hope that a new Kardashian Jenner baby would deliver.

She's no longer a Kardashian-Jenner

This theory is a little out there, but what if Kylie married the rumored father of her baby, Travis Scott? If she took his last name, maybe she's not considered a Kardashian-Jenner anymore and that's why she wasn't in the Christmas cards and wasn't able to announce her pregnancy that way. But considering that Kim is a Kardashian West now and was included in the cards, there's not much merit to this one.

Who knew a photo (or lack of one) could inspire so much drama? The Kardashians, that's who. So merry Christmas to that extended family, for without them, the internet probably wouldn't be half as fun.