9 Little-Known Holistic Anxiety Hacks That Therapists Swear By

Anyone who suffers from anxiety knows that there's tons of the same advice out there telling people to breath deeply, meditate, or write your worries down. However, if the same old advice isn't working for you, you might want to try out some more little-known holistic remedies for anxiety that therapists swear by. Just because a solution isn't mainstream doesn't mean it can't help, and even if holistic practices can't completely eradicate your anxiety, picking up on a few new habits might lessen the day-to-day symptoms.

"There are no shortage of 'holistic cures' available on the internet that claim to cure anxiety," Dr. Sal Raichbach PsyD, LCSW of Ambrosia Treatment Center tells Bustle. "However, we know when it comes to mental health, a quick fix is often too good to be true. But, this doesn’t mean we have to discount holistic methods as a whole. The truth is, holistic by definition means something that treats the entire person, physically, mentally and spiritually. Although these tips don’t 'cure' anxiety, they certainly offer relief, especially when used as part of daily maintenance."

Since experts say natural treatments tend to come with very few side effects, there's really no harm in trying out something new. Here are nine little-known holistic practices that reduce anxiety, according to therapists.