9 Mysteries 'Veronica Mars' Left Unsolved That Still Keep Marshmallows Up At Night

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Veronica Mars has never met a crime she couldn't solve. As a teenage detective at Neptune High and then in college over three seasons of Veronica Mars, her sleuthing was second to none. And yet, as great as she was, there were a handful of mysteries Veronica Mars never resolved. No matter how hard she looked, or who she questioned, the series' heroine couldn't solve every mess that came to her door. And, just like the private investigator, Veronica Mars the show also never wrapped up these nine mysteries, leaving so many questions unanswered.

Veronica Mars' full run included three seasons and one movie, and overall, the show wrapped everything up pretty well. Mysteries of each season were always resolved, as was the main murder mystery of Veronica Mars the movie. Still, some loose ends were never quite tied up. Marshmallows might have come to grips with the fact that Veronica will never get closure with her mother (who absconded with $50,000 of her and Keith Mars' hard-earned cash), or that Logan will also forever suffer from his own mommy issues, but these nine mysteries Veronica Mars never resolved will haunt all fans until the day that they die. Or at least until we get a Veronica Mars 2, whichever comes first.


What Happened To Duncan?

Last fans saw Duncan, he was out of the country on a beach somewhere playing with his infant daughter, but what actually happened to him? Was he ever charged with kidnapping his own daughter, and is he living off his Kane fortune, or is he a struggling single dad? Is he a fugitive? Did he ever contact Veronica Mars for help after he left Neptune? We need answers!


Who Killed Deputy Sacks?

RIP Deputy Sacks, the only lovable man at the Balboa County Sheriff's Department. He met an untimely end in the Veronica Mars movie, and while his murder and the attempted murder of Keith, seemed to have something to do with Cobb and the case Veronica was working, it was never really resolved. #JusticeForDeputySacks


Why Was Everyone Cool With Teenage Veronica Mars Dating Deputy Leo?

It's not hard to see why Veronica and fans fell in love with Deputy Leo, as played by Max Greenfield. He was charming, sweet, young, and just all around awesome. He was also an adult dating an underage high school student. Why was everyone OK with this?


Did Mac Ever Bond With Her Birth Parents?

Mac's early arc in Veronica Mars consisted of her and Veronica finding out that she and Madison Sinclair were accidentally switched at birth. But, she never really did anything with that knowledge (probably because Madison was a total mean girl with no real redeeming qualities). Still, one has to wonder: did she ever reach out to her birth parents, to the family she never knew?


What About Weevil?

In the Veronica Mars movie, it looked like Weevil got the happy ending he always deserved, complete with a legitimate job and a wife and daughter. Of course, all that disappeared when Celeste Kane shot him in cold blood and then accused him of being a gang member and harassing her. At the end of the film, it's implied that Veronica has, if nothing else, successfully kept him from being a victim of Celeste's wicked lies, but was he actually cleared? Who paid for those medical bills? Did Celeste ever get what's coming to her?


Did Any Of These People Get The Therapy They Definitely Need?

Veronica Mars has been sexually assaulted, had her best friend murdered, was almost murdered by her best friend's killer and her rapist, saw said rapist jump to his death, was relentlessly bullied, and then almost killed by a high school classmate. And that's just Veronica. Logan and Dick both have a list of traumas at least that long. If anybody could benefit from therapy, it's the VMars gang.


Did Dick Ever Reckon With His Actions?

Dick was a lovable jerk for most of Veronica Mars, and he suffered his fair share of tragedy, but he also had a habit of looking the other way when men were planning to sexually assault women; he even facilitated Veronica's rape. Let's hope he eventually faced some consequences for those actions.


Why Did Every Boy In Neptune Own This Sweater?

The blue argyle sweater from Veronica Mars will forever live in infamy. Every single one of Veronica's big love interests wore this shirt at one point or another in the series, starting with Duncan, then Logan, and finally Piz.

According to MTV's interview with costume designer Salvador Perez, the shirt was passed on from Duncan to Logan, and then showrunner Rob Thomas just put it on Piz as an inside joke. But, putting that behind-the-scenes stuff aside, was there a Brotherhood of the Traveling Argyle in Neptune?


Did Veronica Ever Get Her Pony?

Every time Veronica received a gift from her father, she asked if it was a pony. Yes, she was definitely joking, but one has to wonder, did Keith Mars ever just get his daughter a pony for the fun of it? Or did she live the rest of her mysterious life pony-less?

Please, Hollywood, give us another Veronica Mars movie to wrap up all these unsolved mysteries.