9 Mysteries 'Veronica Mars' Left Unsolved That Still Keep Marshmallows Up At Night

Warner Bros Pictures

Veronica Mars has never met a crime she couldn't solve. As a teenage detective at Neptune High and then in college over three seasons of Veronica Mars, her sleuthing was second to none. And yet, as great as she was, there were a handful of mysteries Veronica Mars never resolved. No matter how hard she looked, or who she questioned, the series' heroine couldn't solve every mess that came to her door. And, just like the private investigator, Veronica Mars the show also never wrapped up these nine mysteries, leaving so many questions unanswered.

Veronica Mars' full run included three seasons and one movie, and overall, the show wrapped everything up pretty well. Mysteries of each season were always resolved, as was the main murder mystery of Veronica Mars the movie. Still, some loose ends were never quite tied up. Marshmallows might have come to grips with the fact that Veronica will never get closure with her mother (who absconded with $50,000 of her and Keith Mars' hard-earned cash), or that Logan will also forever suffer from his own mommy issues, but these nine mysteries Veronica Mars never resolved will haunt all fans until the day that they die. Or at least until we get a Veronica Mars 2, whichever comes first.