The 'Veronica Mars' Mini-Series Could Resolve These Plots

By now, you may have heard that Rob Thomas is looking to resurrect your favorite now-fully-grown Private Eye in the most intriguing way possible. In lieu a Veronica Mars 2 film, Thomas announced in a Facebook Q&A that he's considering a six episode Veronica Mars mini-series, coming to your streaming service soon(-ish), so long as Kristen Bell can find a free moment in her incredibly busy schedule. OK, nothing is certain just yet. But while my hopes are high that Veronica will take us on at least one more mystery, we could embark on our own caper by trying to uncover what the Veronica Mars mini-series would be about.

How? By using clues left over from the original source material... or just clues that point to general cases that could work in a narrative sense. I'll be honest. I'm small and blonde and snarky, but not really great at solving mysteries. But I do think there are definitely stones that are still unturned in Neptune, and perhaps this new Veronica Mars chapter could get to turning them.

There are also stones that are like 75 to 99 percent unturned that maybe could use that push, but um... I think you'll be able to see the difference to go on.


Lynn Echolls

After Logan found out Trina had been co-opting his mom's credit card, the case was seemingly closed. But I don't know... Logan's mom's "suicide" never truly sat right with me, and I think it could still be a fake-out. I don't think that Veronica would re-open the case to find her again, but wouldn't it be crazy if she was behind some sort of scheme?


Duncan Kane

Considering the significance Duncan has in Veronica's life, the very fact that he's still out there (in Australia, but out there) means that, if he resurfaced in any context, it would be a big, big, deal.


Lilly Kane (The Second)

Not this Lilly Kane: Duncan and Meg Manning's daughter. I'm kind of obsessed with the narrative potential of another Veronica Mars mystery revolving around another Lilly Kane, particularly one that's related to Veronica's slaughtered BFF (R.I.P., girl). Would she be kidnapped? Would she appear in Neptune under an alias? Or would Veronica hear chirps about a Lilly Kane and investigate the situation, only to find this girl?

My only issue is timing, because, if we do this spin-off tomorrow, I don't think it would have the same weight. Like I hate to make everyone feel old, but Duncan's daughter was born around Christmas 2005, so she's certainly a fully-formed person now... but barely. This works best if the series comes out around 2019 or later, when she's a bonafide teenager.



After the events of the film, Weevil is now back on his bike, part of gang all over again. That ending literally foreshadowed that his story is not over with. Also, historically, Weevil gets the short end of the stick and is constantly wounded in this overarching class war. I don't know if he'd take center stage for a mini-series, but it'd be a refreshing change.


Celeste Kane

On a related note, isn't it weird that she was the one to damn Weevil in the film? Like couldn't it have been some rando. But what would she be covering up?


A Courtship By The FBI... Or An Alt-Universe FBI Spin-Off

Thomas initially intended a Season 4 semi-spin-off of the series focusing on the super sleuth in the FBI. She even references it in the film with Leo, saying it happened "in another life, maybe." What if the mini-series focuses on that other life, the alternate universe? Wouldn't that be a cool twist?


Troy Vandegraff

Veronica's Proto-Logan was clean last time he popped in for a cameo, but he totally could've gone back to his bad ways. Happens all the time.


Hearst College

The reason I'm suggesting this (very, very loosely) is because it's plausibly that Thomas may have had some other longform mysteries centered at the university Veronica attended.



Parker broke up with Logan in the Season 3 finale, and, considering how Veronica flew far from Hearst College (so we hear), she doesn't make a cameo in the film. Maybe there's more to do with the character, who had solidified a regular status during her brief tenure.


Kendall Casablancas

Call it a Lynn Echolls situation. Even though she's presumably dead, Kendall's body was never found, which is suspect. Very suspect. They could've been planning more with her, and Charisma Carpenter is just a delight, to be honest.


Maybe Something With The Fitzpatricks

Eh, I mean, they're behind a lot of generalized crime in Neptune.


Lianne Mars

The Veronica Mars novels give a sobered up Lianne and Veronica some sort of closure, so it doesn't need to be Lianne-centered. Unless she's kidnapped, and Veronica has to go hunting for her all over again. Maybe there'd be also be an interesting mother-daughter dimension there reason, if Veronica discovered she was pregnant somewhere along the line.


Charlie Stone

That's Logan's (real) half-brother by the way, I don't even think he got any screentime, and he severed ties because he wanted to keep a low profile.


Jackie Cook

I kind of forgot that she was a regular in the crux of Season 2, before she headed home for New York. Based on that sort of prominence, they could make her the focal point of a new story.


Shelly Pomroy

The character barely exists in the canon (beyond that infamous name and infamous party). What if, in an old school reference, Shelly Pomroy throws a dinner party where someone gets poisoned or something? It feels very Clue to me, but it could work if we're dealing with very short episodes.


Hannah Griffith

Akin to Jackie, this girl's story was pretty much wrapped up when she was shipped off to boarding school in Vermont. I just don't want any of Logan's exes to feel left out.


Dick Casablancas

What if Play It Again, Dick has finally paid off, and this is really just the Dick Casablancas spin-off we've been waiting for?


Keith Mars

The recently release Veronica Mars book proposal (which dealt with Veronica as a guy, as a guy named Keith Mars, actually), had the teen sleuth learning his father wasn't an upstanding man after all. What if that's the twist we see here? What if that's the seediest blemish on Neptune's seedy underbelly?


A Security Breech In Kane Software

Considering what a big deal Veronica made about Kane Software owning Neptune in Season 1, some kind of tech-related arc for the mini-series could happen.


The Filming Of A Netflix Revival Gone Murderous

This kind of meta move is totally on brand with Thomas, and, because I imagine Neptune fairly close to Hollywood, it doesn't seem impossible.


Paris Hilton (OK, "Caitlin Ford")

If this Veronica Mars revival is going to make us feel like it's 2004 all over again, you might as well bring out the big guns.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of dangling plot threads that this mini-series could choose to explore. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that it actually happens someday.