9 New Books With Beachy Covers That Make The Perfect Vacation Reading

by Sadie Trombetta

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and you know what that means: soon enough, your social media feed will be filled with photo after photo of your friends living it up at the beach. If you're one of the souls who won't be seaside this holiday, don't worry about missing out, because there are tons of new books with beachy covers that will make you feel like your by the ocean — even if you're really stuck at work.

Everyone knows going to the beach is the quintessential activity of the summer. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the ocean, let alone the time or money to go there. But that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the beach, at least not a fictional one. Whether you're stuck in the breakroom at work or landlocked at home wherever you live, books give you the perfect opportunity to feel the sun on your skin, the sand in your toes, and the waves lapping at your legs. All it takes is a little imagination, and of course, a good story.

No matter where you are this holiday, these nine new books with beachy covers will make you feel like you're seaside — minus the pesky sand and painful sunburn.

'Something in the Water' by Catherine Steadman

In this Hello Sunshine book club pick, two newlyweds' dream honeymoon in Bora Bora turns into a nightmare after they find something in the water while scuba diving and are forced to decide: Speak out about what they saw, or protect their secret at all costs. A true page-turner, this enthralling psychological thriller by debut author Catherine Steadman is the perfect summer read, on or off the beach.

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'The Perfect Couple' by Elin Hilderbrand

In this new novel from the queen of the summer beach read, a lavish Nantucket wedding is ruined when a body is discovered in the harbor mere hours before the ceremony is set to take place. With the entire wedding party as possible suspects, it is up to Chief of Police Ed Kapenash to find out who will be walking down the aisle, and who will be walking behind bars. Featuring characters from Elin Hilderbrand's previous novel, The Perfect Couple is a sizzling summer read fans won't want to miss.

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'Summer of Salt' by Katrina Leno

For centuries, every woman in the Fernweh family has been touched by magic. Everyone, that is, except Georgina, whose upcoming eighteenth birthday has her questioning whether or not her powers will ever come. As if she doesn't have enough to deal with, Georgina finds herself simultaneously caught up in a strange murder-mystery and a blossoming first love that could change everything. As sweet as it is intriguing, Summer of Salt is a fun and heartwarming read.

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'The High Season' by Judy Blundell

Every summer, Ruthie has to pack up her belongings and vacate her family's beautiful Long Island beach home so the renters can take over for the season. This year, though, "the summer bummer" is worse than usual when a beautiful widowed renter threatens to move into more than just the house, but rather, Ruthie's entire life. A fascinating and utterly dazzling portrayal of upstairs/downstairs drama, The High Season is blistering beach read you won't be able to put down.

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'A Nantucket Wedding' by Nancy Thayer

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Nantucket, this book follows one widowed mother who hopes her wedding will be the perfect chance for her estranged daughters to reunite. Soon enough, though, secrets, lies, and betrayals threaten not only the Big Day, but the entire family. A fascinating drama starring characters readers will relate to, A Nantucket Wedding is one ceremony you won't soon forget.

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'Lies That Bind Us' by Andrew Hart

If you like your beachy reads with a side of thrills, look no further than Lies That Bind Us, a chilling novel about an idyllic vacation gone horribly wrong. Ready for another relaxing trip to Crete, Jan couldn't be more excited to return to the warm sun, blue waters, and close friends she met on her last visit. That is, until she awakes in darkness, chained to a wall, and must figure out how to save herself from not only her captor, but from the lies she's been hiding all these years.

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'Women in Sunlight' by Frances Mayes

From the author of Under the Tuscan Sun comes another beautiful beach read set in the Italian city of Tuscany. An American writer, Kit Raine is struggling to finish her latest project, a biography about her close friend and one of the most complicated people in her life. But when three other American women arrive in the village, Kit soon finds herself caught up in new friendships that will change the course of her summer.

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'The Husband Hour' by Jamie Brenner

After her high school sweetheart and husband Rory dies in combat, all Lauren Adelman wants is a summer of solitude at her family's beach house on the Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, Lauren's mother, her sister, and a filmmaker working on a project about Rory have other plans. Soon enough, Lauren's season of seclusion transforms into a summer of surprises. A touching story about love, grief, and healing, The Husband Hour is a testament to the strength of a woman's heart.

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'No Filter' by Orlagh Collins

According to her social media accounts, Emerald has the ideal life: her family is rich, her friend group is close-knit, and her followers can't get enough of her flawless photos. But underneath it all, Emerald's life is anything but picture perfect, and after she finds her mother unconscious on the bathroom floor, she can't keep it hidden anymore. Sent to live with her grandmother in a small beach town, Emerald worries about being alone, but then Liam enters her life, and suddenly, her baggage doesn't feel so heavy anymore. A stirring and romantic debut told in duel POVs, No Filter will sweep readers of all ages off their feet.

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