These Quotes Prove Why Pink Out Day Is So Important

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Planned Parenthood is painting the world pink on Wednesday. The organization has declared this March 29 to be Planned Parenthood Pink Out Day, an opportunity for people to show support for Planned Parenthood and the work they do for women’s health and reproductive rights. And, as these Planned Parenthood quotes show, there's still so much work to be done.

The fight for reproductive rights is still very much a fight. The threat to defund Planned Parenthood remains one of the rallying cries of the GOP and the Trump administration. Despite widespread misconceptions about Planned Parenthood, often perpetuated by politicians who oppose abortions, defunding Planned Parenthood hurts everyone. Like this piece from the Los Angeles Times states, defunding Planned Parenthood “serves the ideological beliefs of members of Congress, but at the expense of working-class and poor women seeking basic healthcare services.” It also ignores the 97 percent of services that aren’t abortion procedures Planned Parenthood provides every year.

Planned Parenthood continues to be at the forefront of fighting for reproductive rights. Now more than ever, finding ways to support Planned Parenthood is crucial to making sure legislation that supports women’s health remains at the forefront of political conversation. Pink Out Day is another chance to stand in solidarity with Planned Parenthood and the 2.5 million people who rely on their services each year.

So, put on your pink, share your support on social, and remind yourself what today is about with these Planned Parenthood quotes that prove why Pink Out Day is so important.

“Your access to health care shouldn’t depend on who you are or where you live.”

As of now, there have been more than 15,000 people who have shown support for Planned Parenthood on Wednesday by going pink. Add your voice and make sure support for women's health gets heard.

“When politicians argue and shout about abortion, they're talking about me — and millions of other women around the country.”
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— Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, in an interview with Elle regarding her abortion.

“No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body.”
“I never have an interest in defining any other woman’s feminism for them, but I do think it’s very important to remember feminism is a set of political beliefs born out of the idea that women should have certain essential rights, whether it’s the right to vote, the right to own property or the right to make decisions about their own bodies.
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— Lena Dunham in Time

“Reproductive freedom is critical to a whole range of issues. If we can’t take charge of this most personal aspect of our lives, we can’t take care of anything.”
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Faye Wattleton, former president of Planned Parenthood

“Racism and ableism do not have a place at Planned Parenthood, and sure as hell don’t represent the organization's commitment to equality.”

The above quote is from the video celebrating 100 years of Planned Parenthood. The film discusses the history of the organization and directly addresses falsehoods surrounding it, like Planned Parenthood having racist origins. Lena Dunham co-created the film which stars the voices of celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Meryl Streep, and Gina Rodriguez.

“Our motto is 'Our doors stay open.' And they do.”

Cecile Richards’ spoke to Lenny following the 2015 shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado. Richards had the above quote to say in regards to Planned Parenthood's continued commitment to the cause and refusal to be silenced.

We don't need any more politicians who “shame and blame women rather than respect our right to make our own reproductive health decisions.”
“An estimated one in five women in the U.S. has visited a Planned Parenthood health center at least once in her life.”

Today is a good day to remind yourself and others of the facts about Planned Parenthood, what it does and doesn’t do, as well as who politicians are hurting when they talk about defunding it.