9 Podcasts About Books To Help You Figure Out WTF You Want To Read Next

by Sadie Trombetta

Every reader knows there is no shortage of great books in the world, and that the real challenge is not finding a good title, but deciding which one to read next. If you have a hard time finding new reads, fear not, because there are plenty of book podcasts to help you make the right decision, no matter what your literary preferences are.

If you're a true book-lover, you know one of the most difficult tasks is deciding what to read next. On top of all of the great literature that already exists, each week brings with it dozens of new and exciting titles worthy of the TBR list. How do you decide between that Virginia Woolf collection you've been meaning to read for years and the latest young adult novel to take the book world by storm? Just the idea of picking and choosing is enough to push any bibliophile into an anxiety-induced reading slump. That is where books podcasts come in.

From weekly roundups of the hottest new titles to in-depth author interviews and book discussions, the podcast world is full of wonderful reading suggestions just waiting for you to discover. If you're looking for book recommendations, or you just need new way to pass the time between reading sessions, give one of these nine books podcasts a try and get ready to see your TBR list explode.

"What Should I Read Next?"

As the title implies, "What Should I Read Next?" is the perfect podcast for readers who aren't sure what is next on their TBR list. Each episode, host Anne Bogel of the bookish blog Modern Mrs. Darcy interviews a real-life reader about their interests, reading history, and preferences before coming up with the perfect recommendation. If you feel lost in the library, "What Should I Read Next?" can help give you some direction.

"All the Books!"

If you struggle keeping up with new releases, BookRiot's "All the Books!" is the podcast your literary life has been missing. Every episode, hosts discuss the most exciting new titles and help guide you through what books you should definitely be paying attention to, like this week's highly anticipated releases, The Immortalists and Batman: Nightwalker. The pod also features All the Backlist! episodes, which include older books you might have missed that should definitely be on your radar.

"The Bookstore"

Who better to get reading recommendations from than two former booksellers? On their new podcast, hosts Becca and Corinne discuss what they're reading, from Han Kang's The Vegetarian and Jackie Collins's Hollywood Wives to Stay with Me and Turtles All the Way Down, as well as bookish news and literary history. A fun and informative show, "The Bookstore" will give you plenty of new entries for your TRB list.

"Books and Authors"

On this BBC Radio podcast, hosts Mariella Frostrup and Harrie Gilbert discuss — you've guessed it — books and authors. The show includes author interviews and lively discussions about favorite books. If you're a global reader, "Books and Authors" is a great place to find recommendations from around the world.

"Reading Women"

If your New Year's reading resolution was to read more women writers, this podcast has plenty of suggestions for you. A show that promises to be "reclaiming half the bookshelf," "Reading Women" features reviews of books about and written by women, as well as author interview. This week's stellar guest: Chloe Benjamin, author of The Immortalists.

"LeVar Burton Reads"

If you miss Reading Rainbow, I have the next best thing for you: "LeVar Burton Reads." On this new podcast, which debuted last summer, legendary Star Trek actor and the host of everyone's favorite bookish children's show reads pieces of short fiction to listeners. While you won't necessarily get a TBR list from each episode, you will certainly find the inspiration you need to seek out more short fiction.

Adventures in YA

If you're up for a reading adventure, look no further than this YA-centric podcast. "Adventures in YA" will not only ensure you are up to speed on on the latest hot releases, but it will also keep you in the loop with all the important publishing, award, and movie news.

Bedtime with Babish

Having trouble finding the right story to put you to sleep at night? Then it is time to download "Bedtime with Babish." On this new podcast from the creator of the popular YouTube series Binging with Babish, host Andrew Rea reads from some of his favorite stories and excerpts in a short show meant to lull listeners to sleep. If you want more classic literature in your life, this podcast is a great place to find recommendations.

"By the Book"

Less of a literary podcast and more of a reality show, "By the Book" is a hilarious social experiment self-help book readers will love. On each episodes, the hosts, comedian Jolenta Greenberg and her "skeptical friend" Kristen Meinzer, life their lives by the rules of life improvement books like The Little Book of Hygge and The Magical Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to see which tips and tricks are bogus, and which ones actually make a difference. If you're constantly shopping in the self-help section of the bookstore, this laugh-out-loud podcast will be your new favorite guide.