9 Pyjamas You Could Wear Outside To The Pub & To Bed Because, Well, Comfort

Oysho / Boohoo / ASOS

OK here is your dilemma — you want to stay at home but are also toying with the idea of leaving the warmth and comfort of your lovely home (what's wrong with you?) and nipping down the local for large rosé spritzer and a chinwag with Denise, your favourite barmaid. Yet, the chains of sartorial etiquette means you may have to disrobe from these pjs, that feel like silk sewn from angels tears against your skin. But fear not, I have found pyjamas that you could wear to the pub and bed.

Yes y'all! I am about to save you from feeling like you have to throw on some hellish, gruff jeans, a top and let's be real — a damn bra. And in a way that doesn't make Denise think "oh god, she has had a turn again." No Denise, I am fine, I am just dead cosy. Oh and people will DROP dead with jealousy when they find out that the outerwear you're rocking is actually under (blankets) wear. If it's good enough for a Kardashian, it's good enough for me.

Disclaimer: this will probably only be OK if you actually wear PJs to bed. Not one for people who sleep nude. Unless you fancy an awkward convo with a police officer.

Plain Green Trousers/Plain Green Top



OK I am not being funny but guys like, this one would fully fly in the flipping office let alone the pub. In chic, olive green, with a very well positioned waist line. Add to this the fact that it's made of 100% viscose that will drape so beautifully over your body and you have comfort, elegance, and sex appeal. Available in size S to XL.

Calvin Klein PJ Pants In Simms Giraffe


Calvin Klein

OK so perhaps a little on the pricey side but have you seen these PJ bottoms? 90's work out pants mixed with stylish monochrome means you can actually dress them up or dress them down, without anybody being in any way suspicious. Unless of course they touch that butter-like fabric. Then the game is up. Available in size XS to L.

ASOS Design Stripe Tee And Floral Wide Leg Trouser Pyjama Set



Flares are hot AF right now, and no matter what your vibe, there is a flare for that. This combo of daisy print trousers and a stripy stop with only one v discreet little daisy on makes it look like they are not a set. No babes, just that you are very well coordinated. Available in size 4 to 18.

Graphic Sweatshirt Dress



Hey y'all, not everyone likes wearing trousers and that is absolutely fine. This would be cosy AF over your comfiest leggings, yet looks as though it is simply a stylish jumper dress. Also, it says Sunday so would be ideal for nipping out to pub for a roast and seeming v on point. Available in size S to M.

Plus Snakeskin Lounge Set



Super hot this season and IMO every season, this little slice of heaven is everything you want and need. Peggy Mitchell down the Old Vic vibes. Available size 16 to 24.

Sofia Tracksuit Set In Grey


Reverie Loungewear

OK I am not being funny when I repeat, guys you could actually get away with this in an office. Cos eat your bloody heart out. Actually I am sure I have seen this outfit in actual offices. So not only can you wear these PJs to the pub but you will also look like the smartest dressed punter in there as well. Available in size S to L.

Chelsea Peers NYC Do Nothing Club Long PJ set


Chelsea Peers NYC

This one is for sportswear lovers. Also, people who love doing nothing. Cruise down for a bev and turn heads in this gorgie look with some peng trainers to really seal the deal. Available in size S to XL.

Black Floral Cotton Blend Pyjamas With Ribbon Wrapping



This top and bottoms combo basically serves co-ord realness while also looking like a high-end tracksuit. Make people think that you have popped in on your way to the gym with this look that will make you stand out for all the right reasons. Available in size XS to XL.

Plus Rainbow Stripe Set



This lit little set is like, smart AF with a spicy little rainbow stripe down the side for fun. Excellent combo of two colours that go with everything — black and rainbow. Available in sizes 18-24.

With toasty and cosy looks like this available to buy right now, you have no excuse not to go out and socialise this winter season.