9 Random Pickled Things You Need To Try If You're A Real Pickle Fan


Some of our favorite foods are sweet. Some are salty. Others are sour. And then some are.. all of the above? How would that be possible?

If you haven't had your initiation yet, welcome to the world of unusual pickled foods, where your taste buds will have a field day at all the potential flavorings out there — particularly with pickled things out there you didn't know you could actually buy.

You can pickle fruits, like apples, to veggies, like cabbage. If you've ever had the fermented Korean cabbage staple, kimchi, that's also an example of pickling gone to a delicious extreme, but there's even more than that to offer if you know where to look. Some people out there have taken pickling to the next level — it is now a culinary trend and art form that goes beyond your average dill pickle, and people are pickling watermelons, asparagus, and even sausage, creating all sorts of fancy delicacies.

The real enthusiasts, of course, can try to make their own base instead of buying things pre-pickled — for basic pickling, according to Food Republic, you can boil select doses of vinegar, salt, and your desired spices to a boil, and then pour the liquid over the food you want to pickle and let it refrigerate overnight in an airtight container. The pickled vegetables or fruit will keep for about five to six months in a jar — always make sure to refrigerate whatever you pickle.

But if you're not going to venture into your own pickling land yet, try these strange but tasty products to first soothe your curiosity — as a bonus, they can all be ordered online.

1Pickled Red Onions

Pickled Red Onions


Something about the crunch and sourness of pickled onions beats regular ones every time. They're sweeter, tangier, and also gluten-free, if you happen to have any dietary restrictions.

2Old South Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind

Old South Watermelon Rind Pickled Sweet


Pickled watermelon can be hard to find in stores, but once you eat it, you'll never forget the acidic yet pleasing sourness that makes this summer fruit a little readier for fall.

3Jack Link's Hot Head Pickled Sausage

Jack Link's Hot Head Pickled Sausage


This ain't your average beef jerky. Made with chicken, pork and beef like regular sausage links, but with the tangier twist of vinegar, you definitely won't be disappointed by the hotness.

4Dried Umeboshi (Pickled Plum)

Dried Umeboshi (Pickled Plum)


These tart but sweet treats are all over Japan. The sweet and sour flavor goes well with rice if you want to spruce up some Asian food, and the squishy but-not-too-soft texture is perfect for snacking on.

5Pickled Buffalo Eggs

Pickled Buffalo Eggs


These spicy pickled eggs can be used to make a salad spicier, or just to snack on casually for breakfast with some porridge. Any way you use it, the buffalo seasoning is what really makes this pickling unique and flavorful.

6Pickled Carrot Sticks

OH Snap Carrot Cuties Pickled Carrot Stick


These yummy pickled carrot sticks are probably enough for you to not even need ranch (but of course, who can ever resist a good amount of ranch?).

7Pickled Dill Baby Corn

Pickled Dill Baby Corn


If you add dill to anything, it sure won't be a dill-breaker when it comes to this corn. With a little kick added, this tastes fresher than on the cob.

8Pickled Asparagus

Pickled Asparagus


The vegetable that haunted you as a kid is getting a makeover — now they're chewier, tastier, and more irresistible. You can probably upgrade a Bloody Mary with this, or even just have it on the side with your favorite macaroni salad.

9Pickled Cauliflower

Pickled Cauliflower


Make your favorite cheese platters or picnics that much better with some good ol' pickled cauliflower to mix things up.