9 Reasons Why Sister Agatha May Actually Be A Better Vampire Slayer Than Buffy

by Aoife Hanna
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BBC One's latest hit show is based on Bram Stoker's famous gothic novel. However, despite the storyline focusing on a blood thirsty but alarmingly handsome vampire, I think we can all agree that Sister Agatha is the best character on Dracula by a country mile. If you don't believe me, keep reading, cause the below 9 reasons will surely convince you.

Warning, spoilers ahead you guys so look away if you've not tuned in yet.

Pretty early on in this series we learn that Sister Agatha (played by Dolly Wells) isn't just a badass nun but something much more. The big reveal comes when the audience learns her surname: Van Helsing. Abraham Van Helsing was a fictional vampire hunter who appeared in the very first Dracula book. According to the Metro, he was more than just a vampire hunter but Dracula's arch nemesis and call me controversial, but this female version slays Buffy.

According to Dracula's co-creator Steven Moffat, the decision to make Van Helsing female was actually pretty obvious from the get go. Speaking to the Radio Times, he said:

"Nuns are more or less dressed in a superhero outfit for fighting vampires, aren’t they? They're wearing a sodding cross! Why didn’t Bram think of that one?"

Stoker might not have had the sense to make Van Helsing a heroic and effortlessly cool nun but thank goodness Moffat and Mark Gatiss did. Here are 9 reasons why we have to stan Sister Agatha.


Her sense of humour

Oh good gawd where do I start with this one? This woman is hilarious from start to finish. My personal favourite line was when she responded to questions over her atheism... which is a bit left of field for a nun. "Like many women my age I'm trapped in a loveless marriage, maintaining appearances in order to keep a roof over my head." Iconic.


Her courage

BBC/Hartswood Films/Netflix/Robert Viglasky

Yeah so she literally stood face to face with Dracula and splashed her blood on him not once, but twice. Yikes. On top of that her self-sacrificing nature in the face of certain death (or undeath) makes viewers sigh "my hero" every time she's on screen.


Her skill in winding Dracula up

This woman knows how to tick a dude off and for that, I stan. Is there anything more amusing than annoying a guy who's a total douche bag? Nope didn't think so.

She utilises her own actual blood to wind Dracula up as well as totally thrashing him at a game of chess (well, initially) to wind him up and the tension between the pair is tangible.


Her ability to remain calm

So all of her sisters are being slaughtered and she's stuck in her workshop crushing a load of biscuits (well, Communion wafers), chill as can be. Readying herself for the devil incarnate to come visit her. Yeah I mean anybody else would lose it.


Her smarts

This is the woman you call in a crisis. I mean, considering how she behaves in the face of being under attack from the forces of evil and darkness. Let alone being nearly executed for a crime she fully did NOT commit. I remain surprised #agatha4pm isn't trending on Twitter.


Her honesty

This lady does not mince her words. Seriously, she knows how to serve real talk by the ladle full. Who will ever forget her going straight in with Jonathan Harker and asking him if he, "had sexual intercourse with Count Dracula."


Her killer barnet

One of the unsung heroes of episode two is the long, luscious, flowing hair that has been up until this point obscured by a wimple. Sister Agatha has the kind of hair that you can only dream of. Obsessed.


Her wild past

So in this version of Dracula, there's a lot of credence in the idea that people's life stories, traits, and skills being transported in their blood. So when the count discusses Sister Agatha's blood there's no surprise that he discovers she's lived a pretty lit life.


Her no-nonsense attitude

This woman is sick of not only Dracula's B.S. but everyone else's too. She stands up for what's right, holds no prisoners, and is willing to cut the crap to get things done. Again, #agatha4pm.


BBC/Hartswood Films/Netflix/Robert Viglasky

With one episode to go and the second being left on a serious cliff hanger containing what appears to be a present-day Sister Agatha (or is it?), odds are we are about to have a gazillion more reasons to obsess over this badass nun and I'm totally here for it.

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