9 Things Every Interviewer Is Looking For, No Matter Your Field


Job interviews are a lot like getting a flu shot — the anticipation is often way worse than the actual experience. But before a job interview, you may find yourself to be an absolute wreck: stiff and shaky, re-reading your notes over and over, chugging a large coffee, and trying to memorize answers as fast as possible.

If you're nervous before job interviews, you're absolutely not alone. According to a 2016 study by Harris Interactive and Everest College, 92 percent of adults in the U.S. feel anxious before a job interview. That means, that despite all the question prep and confidence boosters we do beforehand, many of us still feel like we're going into job interviews blind as a bat.

"Just the idea of applying to a job is stressful." Alexandra Finkel, Bustle's Editorial Operations Director, says, "There is so much unknown — you don’t know who is looking at the application and you don’t know what they want. It’s sort of like when you’re in a relationship and you have no idea what your partner wants at all." Sound familiar?

Here are nine expert tips from a well-seasoned interviewer, so that you're no longer caught off guard, no matter your field.