These 9 Creepy YouTube Channels Will Leave You In True Crime Heaven

Peter Bernik/Stocksy

Once upon a time, being interested in the more grizzly, macabre, and grotesque might have seemed low key creepy. People may have felt, let's say, a little weird about it. However in recent years the true crime genre has absolutely boomed and guys, you are 100 percent not alone. And you know what else has absolutely boomed in recent years? Flipping YouTube. There is a whole labyrinth of videos and channels for absolutely every interest so, you guessed it — Youtube can satiate your true crime needs, too. Here are the best true crime Youtube channels out there for when you want fright and delight.

There are so many ways to ingest your criminal hit these days, and the fact is who can get enough of true crime really? Not bloody me anyway. If like me the murderous joy that is the podcast My Favourite Murder is the highlight of your week, you are probably chomping at the bit for more tales of criminality. Comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark's addictive show hits all of your true crime needs with a dose of humour, but sadly it isn't on 24/7. You know what is on 24/7 though? Yep, the internet. YouTube is here for you with the videos, and I am here to show you where to find them, so you don't have to.

I'm about to get you into one of those YouTube marathons that has you like:

Buckle up, folks.

Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke is a YouTuber who offers up a really good mix of content. The areas which he excels at in particular are creepy stories, mysteries, unsolved crimes, and murders.

Dyke also takes submissions from followers, meaning his show is quite varied in its stories, and will definitely offer up cases you've not heard of before.

Watch here

Vintage Files

Some true crime fans find the more aged cases a little easier to digest; if you fall in this category of fan then this right here is the one for you.

In this channel, they examine old crime scenes, cases, and murders, as well as a healthy dose of unsolved cases, so you can get your web sleuth on.

Watch here


LordanArts is a pretty awesome channel which looks at cases of missing people, murders, unsolved mysteries, and historical cases.

The host of the show really puts a lot of work into the research and discusses a lot of cases you almost definitely haven't heard before. A perfect one for the true crime know it all.

Watch here

Crime Watch Daily

Journalist Chris Hansen leads this podcast which is a super in-depth examination of missing people and criminal cases.

This podcast is probably the most TV-broadcast style of the bunch, with a very professional level of production. It has lots of interviews, excellent editing, and all of this will get you hook, line, and sinker.

Watch here


Gabulosis, with your host Gaby, is another period type true crime channel, telling tales of criminal cases from way back when, from old Hollywood, and cases that were huge back in the day, but you might not be familiar with.

She incorporates video series like Solved September in which her videos are focused on huge cases which were eventually solved, tales of the paranormal, and missing persons cases.

Watch here

Criminally Listed

Combining YouTube, lists, and true crime, perhaps this is the most millennial of all the offerings here, but boy oh boy does this little number give you perfectly succinct lists, as well as more stuff that they investigate further.

Think of it as crime in bullet points. Ugh, heaven.

Watch here

Morbid Minds

The Morbid Minds channel is a channel all about the most morbidly fascinating cases that will have you both horrified and completely gripped. And we are talking contemporary cases, and ones as old as time. Y'all they even have videos about Roman emperors. I know, lit.

Basically not one for the faint hearted.

Watch here

Cayleigh Elise

Cayleigh Elise brings you horrifying crime cases, unsolved mysteries, urban legends, and folkloric tales. She does, IMO, the best YouTube video about the Elisa Lam case. For those not in the know, Lam was found dead in the water tank of a LA hotel under very mysterious circumstances.

She also has a whole series called nameless, which follows cases of unknown murder victims. Add to this the fact that she also covers paranormal stuff, and basically her videos are a feast for those who love the creepier things in life.

Watch here

Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime

Buzzfeed's true crime channel is off the chain. It is made up of that oh-so-easy to accidentally watch 800 of them style that Buzzfeed has become renowned for.

They also add a tinge of humour, which you may find necessary after watching way too many crime videos.

Watch here


With all these options, all you need is a decent wifi connection, snacks, and an evening all to yourself to get feasting on true crime. Just remember to have the door locked.