9 Uncle Jesse Moments From ‘Full House’ That Prove John Stamos Will Be A Great Dad

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Have mercy, Uncle Jesse is having a baby. After years of John Stamos' beloved, Elvis-loving character helping co-parent his brother-in-law and BFF Danny Tanner's three kids, Stamos is finally going to see firsthand what it's like to be a dad in real life, as Stamos and his fiancée Caitlin McHugh are expecting their first child together. And judging by how great Uncle Jesse was with D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle (and later, Nicky and Alex) on Full House, Stamos will most definitely be a great father.

The actor recently shared the good news about their baby-to-be in an exclusive cover story for People, noting that he and McHugh weren’t waiting until after the wedding to start their family, “Because you’re old,” McHugh apparently told him. And the cutest part of their announcement? The way McHugh described Stamos’ “priceless” reaction to the pregnancy news: “It was the look of a man who has wanted a family of his own but wasn’t sure it was going to happen for him. Now it is!” the model told People.

Over the years on Full House, fans saw Uncle Jesse go through plenty of ups and downs, learning lessons about being a father along the way. So in celebration of Stamos' exciting baby news, here are all moments on Full House when it was clear he'd make a great dad someday.

1. When He First Moved Into The Tanner Household

Being a parent requires great sacrifice. Stamos learned this lesson incredibly early in the series when he selflessly gave up his bachelor pad and rockstar lifestyle to move in with his brother-in-law and decided to help co-parent his three nieces.

2. When He Changed His First Diaper

Jesse and Joey always had some pretty wild exchanges, but the duo truly outdid themselves when they struggled to change Michelle's dirty diaper. It may have taken a few tries, some deep concentration, and an interesting use of Tupperware, but eventually Jesse and Joey mastered the feat. So McHugh doesn't need to worry: Stamos is totally up for middle-of-the-night diaper duty.

3. When He, Danny, And Joey Sung The "Teddy Bear" Song

Bedtime? This will definitely be a breeze with Stamos' pipes. Anytime Uncle Jesse sung to Michelle, fans swooned. But their admiration reached new heights when Jesse harmonized with Danny and Joey. In Season 4, Episode 2, Michelle had a hard time getting to sleep after being punished for the very first time. To help her get off to dreamland, the trio expertly sung their version of "Teddy Bear." Stamos is more than prepared to do the same with his own kid.

4. When Stephanie Didn't Want To Go To School

The first day of school is always scary, just ask Stephanie. And who was right there to make sure she made it through? None other than her favorite Uncle J. Danny brought the hugs and Joey brought the jokes, but Jesse had something even better: The cool factor. He encouraged Steph to be the coolest kid in class and supplied her with juice boxes to woo her peers. Because who doesn't love a good juice box?

5. The Time He Balanced All The Snacks

Parenting is all about balance. Stamos' character got his first taste of this reality early in Season 1, when he was put on snack duty with the family. Everyone was gathering to watch Danny's Sports broadcast of a big wrestling match and what started as a quick grabbing of chips and cookies, turned into a full out circus routine with Jesse balancing everything in the cabinets as his nieces yelled out their food demands. And, of course he delivered.

6. When He Taught D.J. How To Drive

Kids grow up so fast. When D.J. was anxious to learn how to drive, she first turned to her dad. And after driving with the old Tannerito didn't go too well, the teen turned to Uncle Jesse, whose cool, calm, and collected version of driver's ed resulted in a scratch across his convertible door. But, hey, accidents happen. Note to Stamos: Pay extra close attention to light poles when your child starts making right hand turns.

7. When He Threw Michelle A Circus Party In A Gas Station

When Jesse, Michelle, and Stephanie accidentally got locked in a gas station ahead of Michelle's third birthday party, Jesse sprung into action and did what he always did best: Improvised. Knowing that Michelle would be disappointed at missing her party, Jesse and Stephanie got creative and used what they could to throw her a party she wouldn't forget.

8. When He Made Stephanie Apologize For Teasing A Classmate

With bullying, unfortunately, continuing to be a huge problem amongst children and teens today, kudos to Stamos for learning how to nip mean comments and jokes in the bud early. When Stephanie got detention at school for teasing a classmate with "duckface" jokes, Jesse quickly told her that behaving like that was unacceptable. He recalled his own days of bullying and promptly made Stephanie call up her classmate to apologize.

9. When He Swiftly Reacted To D.J.'s Alleged Drinking

Once children cross that threshold into teendom, things can quickly go downhill as the rebelling begins. But, as demonstrated when Jesse caught D.J. allegedly drinking at a school dance, Stamos was up for the challenge. Though it all turned out to be a misunderstanding, Jesse didn't hesitate to educate D.J. on the dangers of underage drinking when he found her smelling of beer. Additionally, by jumping to conclusions without first listening to D.J.'s side of the story, Stamos' character also learned how important it is for parents to talk with their children before rushing to judgement.

Congrats to the Stamos-McHugh family, and let's just hope that Stamos doesn't pull an Uncle Jesse and accidentally miss the birth of his baby after being doped up on anesthesia medicine from surgery. Ah, Full House's zany moments — gotta love it.