These Faux & Vegan Leather Looks Will Make Your Winter Wardrobe More Badass Than Ever

by Lauren Sharkey

Most people think leather falls into one of two categories: either so high fashion that there's no way they can pull it off or something purely restricted to fetish wear. I'm here to prove those people very very wrong. You see, leather has seen a stratospheric rise in the apparel world. So much so that it has moved beyond jackets, boots, belts, and bags. The following leather fashion looks are the easiest ways to inject your everyday wardrobe with a little oomph.

As you may know, real leather does not come cheap. And as the impact of leather on the environment can be less than great, it's good to know that alternatives are more readily available than ever. As PETA reports, the leather-making process is renowned for using up lots of energy, can produce dangerous chemicals, and contributes to climate change. Plus it's not exactly animal friendly.

Happily faux leather is widely available on the high street and is much much cheaper, and there's also vegan leather (which, again, usually costs more but is guaranteed to be sustainable). Currently, the latter is only produced by designer brands looking to make a difference. Stella McCartney has been using vegetarian leather for quite some time but smaller names like Nanushka have also taken it upon themselves to produce ethical garments.

Some of these designs will set you back just over £100; some a lot more. If that's well above your budget, look to the high street for plenty more leather options. From shirts to pencil skirts, there are numerous ways to wear the fabric.


With the right amount of TLC, these pieces will last for years.