9 Weird Things You Should Be Doing After You Shower

By Emily Estep

Is there anything more refreshing than a relaxing shower? The warm water, soothing products, and relaxing steam can really amp you up for the day or wind you down for the night. But there are some weird things to do after a shower that will benefit you long after you dry off.

Once you're done showering, your next moves are vital. If you're the type of person who loves to take a long soak, only to rush out the door once you're done, you're missing out on some important ways to keep your hair healthy, protect and nourish your skin, and keep your nails strong. If you rub yourself dry, quickly get into clothes, and immediately start blow drying your hair, guess what? You too, need to make some real changes to your routine!

The next time you get ready to lather up, consider saving some water and start spending more time on what you do after your shower — the hot water may feel amazing, but too much isn't always good for you anyway. So if you are ready to step up your post-shower game, here are some slightly odd but incredibly helpful things to do once you've dropped the mic (aka the shampoo bottle) on your shower-karaoke session.


Let Your Hair Dry Before You Blow Dry With This Microfiber Towel

The Hair Towel, $20, Amazon

Drying your hair as much as possible before using a hairdryer can prevent significant heat damage — and this hair towel will help speed up the process. It's made of 100 percent microfiber to absorb the moisture from your hair quickly, and while it's larger than most of its competitors it's also ultra lightweight so its big, but not bulky.


Moisturize Immediately After You Shower With A Body Oil

Bee Naturals Bath And Body Oil, $22, Amazon

Slathering yourself in oil right out of the shower will prevent water from evaporating from your skin, essentially locking in the moisture. And this natural body oil is perfect, for the job! Scented with lavender and sweet almond, it also has naturally antibacterial coconut oil and rice bran.


Use A Brush On Your Wet Hair, Like This Electric Detangling Brush

Remington ˆWet or Dry Electric Detangling Brush, $20, Amazon

If you have long, curly, or natural hair, you know that when it comes to tangles the struggle is real. Maybe you've been told to not brush it after a shower, but with this detangling brush, you can do it without damaging your hair. It's soft teeth are gentle on hair with one Amazon reviewer happily commenting, "it went through my hair like water."


Instead Of Rubbing Your Body Dry, Pat It Down With Bamboo Towels

Ariv Collection Bamboo Cotton Towels (Set of 6), $18, Amazon

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends to "blot your skin gently dry with a towel," because rubbing your skin down can lead to dry or flaky skin. That means no furious drying after a shower! Try to use a soft, absorbent towel like this bamboo cotton set — they're antibacterial, mildew- and odor-resistant, super durable, and this six-piece set is a steal at only 18 bucks.


Wash Your Face Afterwards With This Vitamin C Cleanser

InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, $20, Amazon

Yes, washing your face after a shower seems redundant. But standing under hot water for a long time (you know if you're guilty of it) can strip your face its natural oils. Instead, speed up your shower, and wash your face with tepid water in the sink. It'll be less damaging and save water — and this Vitamin C Facial Cleanser balances complexion, defends against acne, and firms the skin. It's loaded with coconut water, green tea extract, and aloe vera.


Instead Of Getting Dressed Right Away, Put On A Pair Of Cotton Underwear

Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Logo Bikini (5 Pack) (S-XL), $30, Amazon

Even if you pat yourself down fairly well, you'll never be completely dry right after a shower. If you're throwing on clothes right after a shower, the exposure to the excess moisture could make your underwear a breeding ground for yeast. That's why you should wait to get dressed until you're totally dry, and, instead of sitting around in a damp towel, wear some cotton bikini underwear instead — they're breathable, comfortable, and this set is especially stretchy!


Once You're Clean, Apply A Pore Mask

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask, $18, Amazon

People often choose to do a mask before showering for easy cleanup, but it's actually better to do it afterward. The steam from the shower will soften the gunk that clogs your pores, making removal a lot easier. This pore mask — made from egg whites and packed with vitamins — will remove oil and dead skin cells that the shower head alone can't eliminate. Egg whites contain a lot of natural proteins, and can even stimulate collagen production which helps keep skin resilient.


After Moisturizing, Slather On Some Sunscreen

Beauty By Earth Organic Facial Sunscreen SPF 20, $15, Amazon

Most people apply sunscreen just when they plan to be in the sun all day, but you should really be wearing it every day. You never know how much or how long you'll be exposed to UV rays, which is why you should apply sunscreen right after you shower, even if you only think you'll be in the sun on your commute to work. Those minutes really add up! This facial sunscreen from Beauty By Earth is perfect for daily use, with a non-greasy formula that gently moisturizes with help from coconut oil and cucumber extract.


Take Care Of Your Nails With This Cuticle Cream

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail And Cuticle Therapy, $16, Amazon

It's good to do a little hand maintenance after you get out of the shower — while you may want to file your nails before and cut your nails (with caution) a little while after showering, you want to take care of your cuticles right away when your skin is already soft. This nail and cuticle cream is formulated with keratin and will protect and strengthen your nails, all while softening the dry or flaking skin around your cuticles.

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