9 Wonder Woman Nail Wraps For A Superhero Mani

Wonder Woman is everywhere lately, and rightfully so — it's about time we had a badass female-led superhero movie to fangirl out over. So in honor of the girl power-heavy film, Wonder Woman motifs and designs are everywhere from makeup kits to tees. The latest merch you need: Wonder Woman nail wraps from Jamberry.

The nail company released a line of nail wraps (which work like stickers) featuring Wonder Woman-inspired designs, and a few include Diana Prince herself. Some are sparkly, some are metallic, and some have a satin finish, but one thing's for sure — every time you look down at them while you're typing on your computer or driving in your car, you'll instantly feel those superpower vibes (even if you don't actually have any, you know, superpowers).

The wraps are available to buy on Jamberry's website, and since they have a direct sales setup, you can also buy from anyone you know who's a Jamberry seller. Or, become a consultant yourself for the perfect reason to host a Wonder Woman-themed selling party. Like a Tupperware party for the modern woman who's all about nail art.

Here's a look at all nine Wonder Woman designs to upgrade your mani, because I would imagine that being a superhero and saving the world does quite a number on your nails.

1. Strength and Wonder

Strength And Wonder Nail Wraps, $18, Jamberry

You can alternate every other nail between the design and the text.

2. Save The World

Save The World Nail Wraps, $18, Jamberry

These feature a classic comic book design.

3. Amazing Amazon

Amazing Amazon, $18, Jamberry

The classic Wonder Woman design.

4. Demigoddess

Demigoddess, $18, Jamberry

Oh hey there, Diana.

5. Indestructible

Indestructible, $18, Jamberry

This name is pretty fitting, considering that nail wraps are often more durable than regular polish.

6. Stars Of Justice

Stars Of Justice, $18, Jamberry

This is a fun pattern, superhero connection or not.

7. Amazonian Warrior

Amazonian Warrior, $18, Jamberry

Might be fun to break out for July 4, no?

8. Stars Of Wonder

Stars Of Wonder, $18, Jamberry

These candy-striped wraps are more glittery than they look.

9. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, $18, Jamberry

And if colors aren't your thing, this title character-named set is the way to go.