A 'Broad City' Sex Toy Line Is Finally Here & Your Nature's Pocket Will Be Very Pleased

The official Broad City sex toy line is finally here, and if you're wondering where the hell has this been all my life?, you are not alone, my friend. Lovehoney, one of the world’s largest sex toy retailers (who also created Mötley Crüe and Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure collections), teamed up with Broad City kweens Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer to create the collection of 14 fun, colorful, and provocative sex products, including a lipstick vibe, a rabbit, kegel balls, masturbation eggs, and lube. I checked out the collection last night at the launch party in NYC, where there was frosé, a cake shaped like a butt plug, and gold letter balloons spelling out "Yas Kween", as I think there should be at every event TBH.

Not only are the product's names based on Broad City phrases, like 'Nature's Pocket' Kegel Balls, 'Respect Your Dick' cock ring and 'Ass Of An Angel' butt plug, but some toys are also directly related to your favorite scenes from the show. Take for example, "Nature's Pocket," a reference to the episode where Illana pulls a bag of weed out of her vah-yine-yah. These kegel balls have a top-secret stash compartment, so you can really get ~everything~ you need. And rest assured, wannabe pegsuses, you will be very thrilled with this collection.

“Lovehoney is thrilled to partner with Abbi and Ilana for the Broad City collection launch,” Neal Slateford, Co-Founder of Lovehoney said in a press release. “When we collaborated on the collection, the design and naming process was so fun, and we hope these high quality toys appeal to fans of Abbi, Ilana and the show and beyond.”

A Lovehoney rep told me that the line is aimed at for beginners, which makes perfect sense because the collection feels like the show: sex-positive, vibrant, and completely hilarious. But the first thing I thought of when I saw the products was how they would make perfect good gifts for friends. After all, the show is centered around two BFFs, and watching Broad City is one of my favorite things to do with my friends, so it's the perfect opportunity to normalize sex toys among female friends in the process.

So what's in this badass (and very affordable) collection? Here are some of my faves:

1. Nature's Pocket Kegel Balls

Kegal Balls, $30, Lovehoney

These vagina-toning weighted balls unscrew so you can replace the weights with a secret stash of... whatever it is you feel like hiding!

2. In The Mood Lipstick Vibrator

Lipstick Vibrator, $20, Lovehoney

This mint lipstick vibe (which is the color Illana wears on the show btw) was my favorite from the collection, and it really does look exactly like lipstick so if you feel like being secretive but the kegel balls aren't for you, this offers some "secret smuggling action" too.

As the website says, "It's all cute 'n' innocent 'til you take off the lid, press the button and hit the clit with a buzz." A Lovehoney put turned it on the tip of my nose, which is the best place to test a vibrator, and it's powerful af.

3. Precious Package Love Egg Vibrator

Egg Vibrator, $25, Lovehoney

This love egg vibrator with four speeds can be worn inside or outside and used solo or with a partner — you choose who gets control, like the yas kween you are.

4. Ass Of An Angel Silicone Butt Plug

Butt Plug, $40, Lovehoney

You can use this colorful toy solo or with a partner. As the site explains, "the silicone sleekness respects your ass with its smooth, firm shape. The tapered shape and full figure make for one happy butt, and the flared base means that nothing's going to go AWOL while you're playing." I mean, have you ever seen a prettier butt plug?

5. The Vulvarine Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator, $75, Lovehoney

Named after Illana's quote, "I'm a sexual X-man. I'm Wolverine. I'm Vulvarine!" this rabbit vibrator, which the site says 'will respect your vagina', looks like some high class sh*t indeed.

You can check out more of the collection (and their funny descriptions) at Lovehoney. Finally, there's something to keep you occupied before Season 4 returns next month.