A Chef Respectfully Declined Ivanka Trump's Coverage Of Her, Citing That She Is Queer, A POC, And The Daughter Of Immigrants

What do you do when someone offers you press coverage — but with a brand that many see as associated — or, ahem, complicit — with the Trump administration? Angela Dimayuga, the executive chef of Mission Chinese Food, responded with a polite, but firm, “Nope.” The chef declined to be covered by IvankaTrump.com, a website about working women founded by Ivanka Trump. Dimayuga posted her response to the request on Instagram, and pointed out that, as someone who is a queer person of color and whose parents are immigrants, she’s not willing to associate with — and ultimately bring profit to — a website with close ties to the Trump family and the Trump administration.

Last week, Dimayuga received a request from freelance writer and IvankaTrump.com contributor Adi Heyman requesting an interview to “[spotlight Dimayuga’s] work as a strong female entrepreneur.” Heyman wrote that the profile would be featured on IvankaTrump.com, which she described as “a non-political platform of empowerment for modern working women.”

“I read the request while I was expediting service, and I nearly screamed,” Dimayuga told ELLE.com. She crafted her response to the request with her friend and activist Shakirah Simley; she felt that it was important to speak up about her objections. “I felt lied to — I wanted to disagree with her statement that ‘[IvankaTrump.com] is a non-political platform to empower women’ and do it graciously in disparaging the brand and not the writer,” she told ELLE.com.

You can read her response in full:

Dimayuga’s post has now been “liked” more than 3,200 times. Oddly, as the Huffington Post points out, one of her new followers is Ivanka Trump herself.