This Giant Avocado Is Actually A Hotel Room — And It's Taking Reservations

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If your love of avocados knows no bounds, good news: Now you can even sleep inside a giant avocado, if you want. Coming to us courtesy of, the “Avo-Condo” is a camper shaped like an avocado that will be available for bookings starting on July 29. Unless you live in Australia, you’ll have to travel pretty far to get to the Avo-Condo — it’s located in Sydney — but, I mean… it looks kind of like it would be worth it, no? After all, how often do you get the chance to spend the night inside a giant avocado? is no stranger to outrageously amazing themed accommodations; in September of 2018, they offered overnight stays in a cottage in France made entirely out of chocolate, while in December that same year, they celebrated the holidays and the New Year by making a sparkly house decorated with unbelievable amounts of glitter available for booking.

The Avo-Condo, therefore, is in good company as it opens up its doors to celebrate National Avocado Day on July 31. Indeed, said Australia Area Manager Luke Wilson in a press release, “At, we’re proud to offer our customers unique and unforgettable places to stay all over the world.” He continued, “Inspired by the world’s obsession with all things avocado, the Avo-Condo is a fun, quintessentially Australian experience like no other.”

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Parked on a little patch of grass (or maybe Astro-turf — it’s unclear which) and surrounded by a white picket fence, several lawn chairs, and an inflatable avocado pool float, the Avo-Condo sits right at the Campbell’s Cove Lookout on Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia. Both Sydney’s main ferry terminus and a major tourism hub, Circular Quay is right in the thick of the action; it plays host to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the City of Sydney Library, and loads of shops and restaurants, as well as being one a popular spot for fireworks viewing on New Year’s Eve. As such, it’s a prime spot for an adventurous night away from home, putting you within easy walking distance of numerous museums, the Sydney Theatre Company, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Harbor Bridge.

And yes, that’s the Sydney Opera House in the distance. It’s walkable from the Avo-Condo, too — less than half a mile away.

The “condo” itself is actually a little trailer that’s been decorated on the outside to look like an avocado sliced in half. It looks to be a teardrop trailer — a small trailer named for its shape that’s usually towed behind a larger vehicle like a car or truck (hence the fact that many of them only have two wheels). These kinds of trailers typically only have enough room inside to provide a cozy sleeping area for two adults, although some modern incarnations might be a bit bigger or have a few more bells and whistles. Your stay in the Avo-Condo includes one to two nights in the custom-built accommodation for up to two adults, plus a “personal hamper full of avocado-themed goodies,” per the listing.

Alas, there’s no imagery available of what the Avo-condo looks like inside; then again, given its size, perhaps that’s to be expected. (There's only so much that can be in there, after all.) We do know a few important details thanks to the full listing, though: It sleeps up to two adults; it’s got “avocado-themed furnishings” and decorations; it’s air-conditioned; there’s an electrical outlet near the bed (but no WiFi or internet — just, y’know, head up about that); and there’s even a little seating area. However, even though it includes linens and towels, it does not include a shower or toilet. Per, “Public facilities nearby are open to guests, but is not responsible for the standard of the facilities.”

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There’s also no kitchen — but the avocado hamper that comes with the booking should take care of your food needs for the night. Outside food and drinks aren’t permitted inside the Avo-condo, but, per, “Guests are free to leave the premises to enjoy any other food and drinks.”

However, as you might have guessed, there’s a pretty big catch to the whole thing: The Avo-Condo will only be available to book for an extremely limited time. Bookings opening up on July 29 at 9:00 in the morning AEST (which is 7:00 p.m. EST on July 28, thanks to the magic of the International Date Line) for stays between July 31 and Aug. 1 — that’s two nights total — so you’d better move fast if you want to snag a spot. It’ll set you back $100 AUD, or around $70 USD, per night; bookings are for two adults who must both be at least 18 years or older.

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