A 'La La Land' Live Concert Is Coming To Los Angeles, Which Gives "City Of Dreams" A Whole New Meaning


Have you ever wished that you could jump into the plot of a movie, like Mary Poppins does into that world of chalk? Well then, I have good news for you, because you're one step closer to doing just that for a movie dear to many hearts. Apparently, a La La Land concert is heading to California. If you've ever dreamed of living inside that critically-acclaimed film, now is your chance, especially because becoming a third wheel in Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's friendship has never panned out.

Just to make this even more perfect, the planned concert is heading to Los Angeles specifically, so you can listen to the music from La La Land while actually in the real-life La La Land. What could be better? The "live-to-film" production will appear at LA's Hollywood Bowl and will be conducted by composer Justin Hurwitz, who was rewarded for his work on the movie with two Oscars.

And, as is fitting for a movie and a man that have both been so lauded, this concert is no small potatoes. We're talking a "100-piece symphony orchestra, choir, and jazz ensemble," in full swing while the film plays on a giant screen. I would imagine you're discouraged from getting out of your seat and dancing along with the choreography, or twirling just for the joy of it, but it's worth a try to find out.


This extravaganza will be going down on May 26 and 27, and tickets will be going on sale on Mar. 10, so keep your eyes peeled and your toes a-tapping. You know you want some of this.