This Oscars Mixup Moment Might Change Everything

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It was the mistake heard 'round the world. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced that La La Land won the 2017 Best Picture Oscar, but when the film's cast and crew took the stage and started their acceptance speeches, someone realized an error had been made. Moonlight was actually the best picture winner, as La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz, after having been informed by an official looking person in a headset, had to explain to the very confused audience. But! If you look at the video of the Oscars Best Picture mix-up closely, very closely, it appears that things actually could've been cleared up a bit sooner.

Now, there's a lot going on in the videos of this now iconic moment, so it's important that you pay attention to the right people at the right times. To help with that, I've broken down the below video into the key moments that seem to show when most La La Land producers were informed about the mistake.

First, watch the video in full and try to pay attention not to the man giving a speech, but to the people behind him looking around as others frantically run across the stage.

Specifically, pay attention to the bald man in a navy suit on the right side of the screen, producer Fred Berger. (Bustle reached out to Berger's company for comment on the mixup and has not yet received a response.)

Let's Dive In

0:04: Berger looks to his left, seemingly confused.


0:10: Berger turns his back to the camera


He and producer Jordan Horowitz talk to someone who appears to be an Oscars producer wearing a headset.

0:12: The Oscars producer shows Berger and Horowitz a red envelope.


It is one of these envelopes that Horowitz would later use as proof of Moonlight's victory.

0:15: Berger and Horowitz have a brief exchange of some kind

0:23: The producer speaking turns to Berger


He motions Berger forward, and says, "Fred?" Berger shakes his head no in response.

0:26: The camera zooms out

But we see Berger approach the microphone.

0:27-0:39: Berger gives his acceptance speech

He thanks the love of his life, his family, and director Damien Chazelle.

0:40: Berger turns to the group behind him

News of the mixup is clearly spreading as Beatty explains what happened.

0:41: Berger turns back to the microphone

He says, "We lost, by the way, but you know." He then turns away from the mic again.

0:43: Horowitz comes to the microphone

Horowitz officially tells the crowd that there's been a mistake and Moonlight has won Best Picture.

Based on this video, it appears that Berger knew about the mixup, or at least that it was possible, before beginning his speech. He could've just been confused as to what was happening, but whatever the case, that's nearly 40 extra seconds of the wrong Best Picture winner.

It may not sound like a lot now, but to everyone watching, time moved very slowly as the Oscars revealed one of the biggest mistakes in its 89-year history.