'Midsommar' Is Releasing A Director's Cut With Even More Disturbing Footage

If you're a fan of horror, Ari Aster, Florence Pugh, or just love sitting through grotesque and intense films, you've probably already seen Midsommar, one of the best horror movies to come out this year. Directed by Aster, who also wrote and directed last year's horror hit Hereditary, and, it definitely made an impression this summer. So, even if you've already seen it, you might want to get your May Queen flower crowns ready because a Midsommar director's cut is being released this weekend, and is scheduled to have showings from Aug. 30 through Sept. 1.

The Midsommar director's cut includes an extra 24 minutes of footage that will make fans love the movie even more. The official Twitter account for the film announced the news on Tuesday, Aug. 27 "SOMMAR NEVER ENDS. 🌻🌸🌞🐻🔥 For one weekend only, experience the #MIDSOMMAR Director’s Cut in select theaters NATIONWIDE — with new footage and extended scenes!," they tweeted. Of course, this is more than exciting for fans and audiences who walked out of the film wanting to see more from this world. In a follow-up tweet, the account shared a link to where fans can easily find showtimes of this director's cut. You can also go to Fandango if that's easier for you. Fandango's site shows times starting Aug. 30 and going through the first week of September, but it's only in select theaters, so unfortunately, it won't be available to everyone.

The director's cut has already been shown in special screenings, so, we already know a little bit about what fans can expect when they head to the theater. Digital Spy reported that the added content doesn't "radically transform Midsommar or make its hardships any easier to swallow, but they do add further layers to its oppressive atmosphere." IndieWire called the director's cut a "richer" version of the film, and reported on what Aster said at a screening of the newer version at Lincoln Center on Aug. 17. According to the site, Aster called the director's cut “the more complete version of this film,” adding that the original version “may have better pacing, but this is the fuller picture."

IndieWire also reported that only two new scenes were added, while all the other new footage acts as extensions of current scenes. In the trailer, and as you've probably heard by now, you can see that Christian (Jack Reynor), Dani's (Pugh) boyfriend, is horrible. But, if you wanted to know more about their relationship, apparently the director's cut shows just how cowardly and awful he is, according to IndieWire. The site also reported that the fictional Swedish community the protagonists are visiting is more sinister in this new cut, with more footage of the sadistic rituals of the Hårga people, so get ready to be extra creeped out.

Aster's more "complete" version of Midsommar will definitely excite fans, and give them more layers to the story. It sounds like it will also leave viewers with a more intense lingering sense of dread and uneasiness, so get ready to be frightened like you've never been frightened before.