This New Dating App Puts Your BFF In Control & It's The Ultimate Test Of Trust

by Aoife Hanna

Dating is a nightmare and we all know it. I mean, look, don't get me wrong, it is low-key fun in a lot of ways, but there is a heck of a lot of sorting the nice from the nasty in the process. It is super easy to accidentally pick the wrong person time after time and sometimes it's, like, if only someone else could do the effing work for me? Well, we're in luck! A new dating app called Ship has just been released, and it actually lets your friends do the swiping for you. Because, come on babe, your heart (and thumbs) need a break.

Sometimes in this life it is important to admit that maybe you don't actually know what's best for you. Perhaps it's time to hand the reins over to your BFFs. Yes, close your eyes and let Jesus take the wheel honey. The door bell just went, and guess what? It's true love that's come knocking.

Have you ever thought about an approximate amount of time you have spent on dates with people you ended up not that into? Mate, just don't. It's almost as painful as figuring out how much you have spent on rent (*breathes deeply into paper bag*).

Ship can't fix the rent thing, but maybe it will absolutely own the dating thing. But what is so great about this new app? Well, after downloading it, you can actually create a group of people who are allowed to swipe on your behalf. Then there is a group chat to discuss potential partners, have LOLs, share GIFs etc. You know, all the real-life stuff.

Don't worry, you still get to set your own preferences for your perfect match, it's just your pals will be able to see which profiles match what you're on the hunt for. If your friends see the right person, then they can swipe right on the profile and then (this is the best bit) bring them into the group chat to discuss them. Ugh actually screaming at the prospect of that! The concept is a genius. Just genius.

So, the app has been set up by media brand Betches and Match Group.

Betches is a brand aimed at millennial women set up by three gal pals back in 2011. Which, when you think about it, was actually, like, a while ago. Shudder. Betches (which, btw, is the best name for a company ever) has grown from LOL memes on Instagram and Twitter to having a proper website, podcast, online store, and, the Holy Grail — a book!

Match Group is the overseeing deity of multiple dating apps including Tinder, OK Cupid, and Plenty Of Fish. S/O to Match Group for all the love in my life I definitely never would have had otherwise, y'all.

The gals over at Betches said in their launch statement:

"We build our lives around the connections and friendships that matter the most to us, and Ship allows us to be there for our friends as they navigate the world of dating".

So, yes babe, get your pals in on the action. Because, let's be honest, if all your friends don't like whoever you're dating, you're new beau is probs trash.