There's A NEW Pizza Rat Video Going Viral & He's Officially Twitter's New Hero

Sure signs that summer is on the way include cold drinks, hot nights, and an iconic rat foraging for pizza in New York City. While it's probably not pizza-loving Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a new pizza rat video has surfaced showing the iconic rodent dragging pizza around the city's subways, a sure sign that summer is on the way. According to New York Magazine, pizza rat first started getting attention in 2015 when a video of this ambitious rodent was uploaded to YouTube. In the video, the rodent now known as pizza rat is seen dragging a slice of NYC pizza twice its size down a set of subway stairs, which proves that any being will go to great lengths for the love of pizza.

Unfortunately, the video shows that the coveted slice of cheese pizza was too big for pizza rat, and the rodent abandons it halfway down the stairs discerning it simply wasn't worth the effort. While pizza rat may have decided to cut its losses two years ago, new sightings show pizza rat, or one of its kin, dragging a slice in the Lexington Ave. and 59th St. subway station, which is clearly easier than trying to take the pizza down a flight of stairs using only its teeth. Grub Street reported that pizza rat has become an unofficial icon that alerts city dwellers to the coming of summer. Much like Punxsutawney Phil predicts how long winter will last based on whether or not he sees his shadow, pizza rat announces the coming of summer by coming above ground to snag a slice.


Because, Everyone Loves Pizza

Pizza rat is on the scene to alert New Yorkers that summer is on the way. Pizza rat will take the slice back to its nest where the cheesy goodness will provide sustenance for the long, hot summer.


Pizza Is Worth Fighting For

New York City pizza is so popular that pizza rat is willing to go toe to toe with a rival rat threatening to steal a pizza crust. It's likely that every rat is a pizza rat, so there's no word on whether either of these two rodents are the original pizza rat or simply copycats.


Because, We Could Use A Hero Right Now

After an epically brutal winter, those still waiting for the arrival of spring are looking at pizza rat's reemergence as a sign of greater things to come, like summer. And, one artist is immortalizing pizza rat because we could all use a hero right now.


Pizza Rat Is Back When We Need Him Most

You know things are bad when pizza rat is the best thing to happen in weeks. After a slew of bad news, pizza rat offers a glimmer of hope. Hey, we're grasping at straws here. Like the opossum that broke into the liquor store late last year, pizza rat is all of us.


But, Pizza Rat's Safety Comes First

OK, while pizza rat's triumphant return is great news, carless pizza tossers could be putting this NYC hero's life in danger. Toss your pizza wisely, preferably not somewhere that pizza rat could be squashed trying to retrieve its lunch.


Splinter Is Looking Out For His Ninja Turtles

All '90s kids likely grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and are familiar with the turtles' love of pizza. If pizza rat is indeed Splinter, it sure is nice of him to secure some pizza for his turtle teenagers to celebrate the coming of summer.


Pizza Rat Predicts That Summer Is Officially On The Way

Rumor has it that pizza rat-sightings can only mean one thing, summer is on the way. While it's all spring showers in NYC today, the forecast for the rest of the week shows temperatures in the 70s and 80s. So, once you see pizza rat, you can officially start wearing those summer dresses, ordering iced lattes, and sleeping with your windows open. Just don't leave any pizza out unless you want pizza rat to visit your apartment. Because, clearly this rat will go after pizza at all costs.