A New Pizza Rat Video Is Going Viral & Twitter Is Loving His Determination

Sure signs that summer is on the way include cold drinks, hot nights, and an iconic rat foraging for pizza in New York City. While it's probably not pizza-loving Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a new pizza rat video has surfaced showing the iconic rodent dragging pizza around the city's subways, a sure sign that summer is on the way. According to New York Magazine, pizza rat first started getting attention in 2015 when a video of this ambitious rodent was uploaded to YouTube. In the video, the rodent now known as pizza rat is seen dragging a slice of NYC pizza twice its size down a set of subway stairs, which proves that any being will go to great lengths for the love of pizza.

Unfortunately, the video shows that the coveted slice of cheese pizza was too big for pizza rat, and the rodent abandons it halfway down the stairs discerning it simply wasn't worth the effort. While pizza rat may have decided to cut its losses two years ago, new sightings show pizza rat, or one of its kin, dragging a slice in the Lexington Ave. and 59th St. subway station, which is clearly easier than trying to take the pizza down a flight of stairs using only its teeth. Grub Street reported that pizza rat has become an unofficial icon that alerts city dwellers to the coming of summer. Much like Punxsutawney Phil predicts how long winter will last based on whether or not he sees his shadow, pizza rat announces the coming of summer by coming above ground to snag a slice.