A Partner Who Is In Love With You Will Support You In These 7 Ways, Experts Say


Whether you're still in the early stages of being in love with your partner or you've been together for years, your partner's support of your goals and emotions is probably invaluable to you. If they love you, they should be showing that support in a variety of different ways, according to experts.

"Mutual support is essential in a relationship," Lauren Cook, MMFT, a clinician practicing emotionally-focused therapy, tells Bustle. "With that being said, there are times when one partner needs more help than the other," she says. So if a few weeks go by when you feel like you're putting more energy into supporting your partner than they are into supporting you, that's probably totally healthy. "What becomes problematic is when partners resent one another for needing extra support," Cook says. "When mutual love and respect is present, that support is given without limits and there is never a sense of indebtedness."

If you feel that you aren't being supported the way you'd like to by your partner, try bringing this up with them. But another helpful strategy is to offer your own support on a regular basis. "There is nothing like some healthy modeling of the behavior you’re seeking in return," Cook says. "When you demonstrate to your partner how you are offering support, your partner will be that much more inclined to offer it."

Here are some ways your partner should support you, according to experts.