A Man Allegedly Robbed A Bank & Tried To Give The Money To Taylor Swift To Impress Her

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According to a new report from TMZ, one of Taylor Swift's fans allegedly committed a crime, and their supposed reasoning tied back to the singer in an interesting way. According to TMZ, a Taylor Swift fan allegedly robbed a bank in order to give her the money to "win her over," per the publication.

TMZ reports that Bruce Rowley was arrested sometime during the week of April 1 in Ansonia, Connecticut. The police report that TMZ obtained states that Rowley was arrested after he allegedly robbed an unnamed bank in the area and drove to Swift's house in order to throw the stolen money over the fence of her estate. According to the report, the alleged bank robber thought that the move would help him impress the pop singer. Bustle reached out to the Ansonia Police Department and to a rep for Swift for comment, but did not receive any responses at the time of publication.

The report went on to say that Rowley was allegedly first spotted in Rhode Island, where Swift owns a house. After he was spotted, a chase reportedly ensued that led him back to Connecticut, where he was subsequently arrested. The report stated that Rowley allegedly told officers that he had tried to contact the singer and believed that she wasn't home (the report said that it was unclear whether Swift was home at the time of the alleged incident).

According to the report, he allegedly thought that robbing a bank and donating the money to the Ansonia, Connecticut police department, believing that it would somehow help him "win over" the "Ready For It?" singer.

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The alleged ordeal sounds incredibly distressing, especially considering that this wouldn't be the first time that Swift's had to deal with a unhinged fan.

More recently, Frank Andrew Hoover, made headlines on April 2 over the sentence that he received for stalking the singer. According to TMZ, Hoover, after pleading guilty to charges of violating a protective order, received 10 years probation, plus GPS monitoring for the first year, after he was arrested in 2016 in Austin, Texas, for stalking and threatening Swift and her family. He was arrested in 2016 after he showed up to one of her Austin performances.

The publication stated that Hoover had also sent threatening emails to Swift's father, Scott Kingsley Swift, with one of those emails stating that he was going to "end" the singer's whole family. Swift's father had filed a protective order against Hoover in a Kansas court, per Austin's local news station KXAN. The order stated that Hoover had to be 500 feet away from the singer and her family at all times and forbade him from contacting any member of the family directly.

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Swift had to deal with yet another stalking case in September 2017. This time a man named Mohammed Jaffar was accused of stalking the singer at her Manhattan apartment on Feb. 6, according to the New York Daily News. He also allegedly called Swift's management around 60 times during a two-week period at one point. The publication went on to report that Jaffar was not fit to stand trial in the case, following a psychiatric evaluation, and was subsequently sent to a state psychiatric facility.

While Swift hasn't commented directly on these cases, it has to be extremely stressful for her to have to deal with all of this. The singer has yet to comment on this most recent report from TMZ (seeing as though she hasn't concerning cases of this nature before, it's not as though she is likely to make a statement). Luckily though, based on the report about the incident, it sounds as though Swift is safe following the alleged ordeal.