A Vlogger Used A Post-it Note As An Eyeshadow Hack

Beauty vloggers are a creative bunch and I'm not talking about the way they mix and match colors. They come up with insanely ingenious ways to repurpose basic household items into makeup tools! One vlogger utilized utensils. Another employed a bottle cap as an eyeshadow guide. Then, this vlogger used a Post-It note in the most brilliant way. It's one of the most clever eyeshadow hacks I've witnessed.

The Internet makeup artist, who goes by the "beautynmalia" handle, cut a blue Post-it, adding pointy edges, and used it as a stencil. The end result was a crown-shaped eye look that was creative and cool AF.

Malia doesn't take credit for the "crown" eye makeup shape in the caption of her intriguing Insta video. But she has certainly mastered the art of incorporating office supplies into her makeup routine.

She got all sorts of artsy and craftsy with her Post-it, applied her base colors, and then used the Post-It as a guide to create points in her eyeshadow.

What I love about this look, besides the superb repurposing of a piece of paper, is that both little girls and adults can do easily use this hack for princess-like Halloween looks or for party makeup.

This eye look, as broken down by Insta screen shots, is so defined and detailed yet Malia makes it look easy.

It all started with the prep work — cutting up the note.

After applying her base colors, Malia used the Post-It as a stencil. I am thinking the sticky side had to be a bonus, since it kept the guide in place.

She then used more product to further define the crown lines.

Seriously! This creativity is off the hook!

Ta-da! The end result is stunning.

Vloggers continue to blow me away with their skills, inventiveness, ingenuity, and hacks! There are no boundaries and this is what turns makeup into artistry.

Definitely through Beautynmalia a follow for more fun hacks and awesome looks.

Images: Beautynmalia/Instagram (7)